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October 12, 2010, 06:39 PM
He was grabbing his arm constantly though out the game. Is he regretting his decision? I knew I said I wouldn't feel bad for the guy, but what do ya know....I do....He doesn't want to give up the game, but last nights poor performance and painful expressions say it's time to hang up the cleats.
October 12, 2010  06:48 PM ET

Yeah and his throws started getting away from him to after a brilliant quarter of football. Seriously is this all he has left, 3 quarters of cover your eyes embarrassment with about 8 minutes where he looks like the Hall Famer he is?

October 12, 2010  07:24 PM ET

Didn't think this a serious post at first.. "Favre looks hurt" ... The guy's been looking hurt for 6 years

October 12, 2010  07:42 PM ET

He's had five pain injections in his throwing arm since the season started.

No - he got shots in his ankle. He's was only recently diagnosed with tendinitis in his elbow.

October 12, 2010  08:19 PM ET

all smart **** crap aside... you are so very right rocker, this is a sad thing. Like paul newman in cool hand luke when he wouldn't lay down. I kind of admired cool hand luke... favre is an idiot me thinks!google cool hand luke youngin! LOL

haha I will!

October 12, 2010  08:21 PM ET

Didn't think this a serious post at first.. "Favre looks hurt" ... The guy's been looking hurt for 6 years

Never this bad though. Last night was a disgrace...then again this whole season has been.

October 12, 2010  08:58 PM ET

Viking management rolled the dice and lost.

That's a good way of putting it.

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October 12, 2010  09:13 PM ET

rocker,I don't see it that way,Brett can come back[unless His arm's jello next game],they'll just use the Running Game and shorter pass routes for Farvre,Hey,I hack on the Bengals like other fans hack on thiers,But it was far from a disgrace,He made 3 records,TDs/Yrds/Fumbles.,and With GB having Problems too?Ya got 3 Teams that are gonna go for the Div Title and or a wcard.Besides I don't see Brett going out like a lamb,even ifn they got too cart his **** out on the field,He's gonna play..speaking of which,those nasty picts and messages that He sent too some Bimbo,have killed The Vikes more than the s/itty weather 2/fmbls/2 picks.

However, if that arm gets worse he won't get much of a chance. You could see his performance and accuracy fade at the end of the game. He may have to rest a week or two, which would be smart. Knowing Brett though, he won't rest it.

October 12, 2010  09:52 PM ET

LOL I said he'd have to put the cell phone five feet away to get his saggy balls in the picture.

October 12, 2010  10:03 PM ET

Don't you know that little kids are supposed to be seen and not heard?

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