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October 12, 2010, 09:09 PM
All you Bear/Cutler haters just can't stand it. Headlines: Bears win ugly again!! So what else is new? Do you want every game to be the 85 Bears at Dallas? A win is a win and the Bears are winning that's what counts. We have a weak OL and with luck and Tice's coaching we (By seasons end.) might have a much better OL. You see OL is one of the few positions that as long as you have some warm bodies there, they can be taught to be better and then when they Jell together they make an OL that really improves DURING the season. Did anyone notice that the Bears started two players at RT and RG that weren't starters at the beginning of the season? Plus Omiyale is at LT. They did pretty well didn't they? However what should scare all you anti-Bears is that the starters are coming back in a game or two and then Tice will have his choice of who he wants to start!! Scarey huh?!?!?! The Vikings and Packers biggest night-mare!!! That the ugly winning Bears might find an OL during the season. Then the Bears won't have to win ugly they can just win!!! Go BEARS!!!
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October 12, 2010  09:57 PM ET

Peppers had a good game against his old team. I saw a sign that said "welcome back Juds Peppers" hahahaha! You know, cuz Judas was a trader? hahahahahaha!!!

I always thought that Judas was just a pawn in God's plan.

October 13, 2010  04:34 AM ET

It certainly does suck being only one of two teams to have won four games ! And we go two clear in the division after we kill the Hawks and the Dolphins pound the PAckers. Minny's continuing implosion is a boon. Chris Williams back on Sunday. Edwin Williams and J'Marcus Webb to take over, meaning Omelette is gone, gone, gone from the O-line. Yay ! It's good to be a Bear!

October 13, 2010  08:45 AM ET

You have a very valid point Mrs.Shaman. The Vikings have played the AFC EAST and the Pack is just starting. We get them in the last month or so of the season. I hope our OL has jelled and is ready to kick kiester (posterior anatomy) by then. If not our records may align negatively for all of us. Looking at all 3 teams I think the Bears have the best Defense and Offensively we have Tice and Martz working with our players making them better daily. Meanwhile the Pack and Vikings look to be self destructing. We can only hope that the extra time will help us prevail. Why be a pessimest? Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself as far as I'm concerned. I alway try to give my all and work for the best. Then, the best usually happens when you've worked hard for it. I've had multiple back surgeries and am disabled. I easily could have given up knowing that I'll probably be in a wheel chair some day but that's just not the way I want to live life. The Army said it all "Be all you can Be!!!" (Best jingle ever invented! They should never have changed and should use it again.) That to me is the only way to be. Go BEARS!!!

October 13, 2010  10:06 PM ET

Well Mrs Shaman all I can say is may the Bears win!!! lol. Like I've said later in the season (with luck) the Bears will be a totally different team. They actually might have a balanced Offense with an OL that Tice has trained. I have hopes that we might actually go 2-2 or better in December. Detroit will not be a gimmie either!!! But that leaves the Vikings, Jets, and your Pats. Who knows the sky's the limit. The players are mostly young and might just start believing in themselves by then. If so the Pats and Jets might find themselves in must win games against us! Wouldn't that be something if the Bears could knock out either the Jets or Patriots from the playoffs!!! lol. Remember, fact is stranger than fiction and we play BOTH of them in Chicago!!! Don't you just want to see us eat crow? lol Oh it's too bad there can only be one Super Bowl winner, so untill then smile I'm the Pepsi guy in this commercial. lol.

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October 14, 2010  09:58 PM ET

I gotta agree with you BGDEUCE but I still say yes with proper coaching you can plug in a physical specimans of around the same abilities (Which most NFL linemen are.) and get the job done. OLine is the only position on the field that I think it can be done but I think it can be done on the Oline. With the key words of PROPER COACHING!!! An Olineman 1st must keep his feet under him properly. 2nd on pass blocking he must keep himself between the DLman and the QB. And on run blocking the most important thing is to keep lower than the Dlineman. If he can keep lower he can steer the opponent where ever he wants. Yes strength is paramount but it can be earned in the weightroom and speed is mostly the want and will not to be beaten. Sure there are some freaks like JULIUS out there but with our guys training against him 5 days a week it really becomes an advantage. Meaning if they can learn to stop Julius in practice they can stop anyone anytime anywhere during the games. Go BEARS!!!


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