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October 13, 2010, 10:54 PM
Watching the Bears' O-line recently has been very offensive indeed ...

Now Lovie Gump is installing our first round draft pick left tackle at left guard.

So what's going on with the line ? Are they just slotting Chris Williams in at guard because they don't want to move Omelette back to RT and displace J'Marcus Webb? Omelette can't play RT and he can't run block (a statistical fact according to's Rush PWR ratings), so if they're not going to bench him then I guess Chris Williams is our new LG.

"Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice said Wednesday that in his opinion, Williams is a great knee bender who is a better run blocker now than a pass protector."

His arms aren't that long, he can bend his knees, he has a big badonkadonk. Fine.

Is Olin Kreutz knocking anyone off their feet in the run game? Is he overpowering any of those huge defensive tackles that are so predominant in today's game? Does it make a blind bit of difference who's playing guard if it all falls down in the middle?

If we're really going to re-tool the line, then try Edwin Williams in his natural position at center and re-sign Asiata and put him in at RG. Then we have a monster mauling line that can open big holes or put up a force-field around Cutler. Do we literally have to run Kreutz into the ground like an old car owned by someone who can't afford a replacement? Isn't that stupid and dangerous? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, right? Apart from being older and more beat-up, he just seems dwarfed by these DTs. We have to make the change sooner or later, sooner will have some teething problems. Later has serious consequences.

So we put up 200+ yards against a crappy 27th rated rush defense belonging to a soon-to-be 0-5 team last week. So what? Now against the #2 rush defense and with our 'new line' we'll get to see Lovie's 'strateegery' in action. A left tackle that can't run block, a left guard that's never played left guard, a banged-up has-been center, a center playing right guard and our biggest Bear at RT. We have one player, Kreutz with any worthwhile experience of the position he's playing.

Question. Why isn't our biggest Bear playing LT ? You get the big guy protecting, y'know, the blind side of The Franchise, Jay Christopher. J.C. Jebus. The holiest of holies.

So with Omelette pushed out of LT, he basically becomes useless. He's a backup for your LT. Good. Is Kevin Shaffer that bad ? He got beaten a few times, so what, who hasn't? Tice graded him out as our second-best lineman on the team! He's a better RT than Omelette for sure, because Shaffer *is* a RT. An actual Right Tackle who has played the position since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Keep Chester or Forte in for the chip or make Manu earn his big salary. Where's the fire? We can't have a pro-bowler at every position on the line. It would be nice to have *one*.

So long Olin and thanks for the fish.
October 14, 2010  10:03 PM ET

Sorry guys but I'm gonna trust Tice on this one.

October 16, 2010  12:32 AM ET

Is anyone besides me reminded of Big Cat Williams when looking at Webb at RT? And what round was Big Cat taken in? Oh that's right he was a Free Agent wasn't he!!!

October 16, 2010  01:52 PM ET


October 16, 2010  05:40 PM ET

Mike Martz isn't helping matters. Whereas most Coryell advocates put a premium on protecting the QB (See Jimmy Johnson Cowboys, Gibbs Redskins, Norv Turner San Diego Chargers) Martz SACRIFICES protection to put more receivers into the pattern.

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October 17, 2010  04:48 AM ET

Yes Martz is a gambler with Cutler's life. I hope Lovie's conservitism will tame him of some of that. Our OL is a sorry mess right now. But by the end of the season it will improve with Tice's coaching and like I said if it doesn't expect 2 or more draft picks and maybe a free agent or two to be brought in. This depends on two things. 1 if the Bears make the Playoffs and keep Lovie and if we have an agreement on the Collective Bargianing. Meaning if we have football or not. Either way as far as coaches go we will use some draft choices to improve it.

October 17, 2010  04:49 AM ET

Anyone predicting the score with the SeaHawks? I say 27-13 Chicago.

October 17, 2010  04:23 PM ET

Giving up 6 sacks, a safety... Welcome to the 4-2 club!!!

October 17, 2010  05:45 PM ET

Anyone predicting the score with the SeaHawks? I say 27-13 Chicago.

Nice prediction -
Congratulations to Pete Carroll and the home-team, for going all the way across the country to take on the 4-1 Bears and getting the job done. Their first road-win over a non-nfc west opponent in 3 years.

October 17, 2010  11:55 PM ET

I'm ready to start the Fire Lovie NOW club.

October 18, 2010  03:21 AM ET

My God. How bad are the Bears. 3 for 40 on 3rd conversions over three games? Are you kidding me? Mike Martz makes no attempt to keep defenses honbest - he's a joke. The receivers are a joke, and the o-line is a joke and the secondary is a joke - so no change there then. Stick a fork in us. We're done.

October 18, 2010  06:23 AM ET

I don't want to say we are winners by losing but is there any way Cower would start now? lol I know he has contracts etc. but it's worth the thought. I just wish we could put Cutler on the bench where he would be safe instead of having a target on his jersy that every opponent defensive player wants to hit with a knockout blow.

October 18, 2010  09:26 AM ET

Our line is so painfully neglected... we need to draft linemen early and often in the next few drafts. I thought good franchises built around their lines... and we seem to save the line as the last thing we worry about. Yesterday, 39 pass plays, 12 run plays? I think that was the breakdown... if we cant stop anyone from getting to our QB with this horrendous line, why do we keep throwing deep and trying for big chunks of yards at once through the air? Screen pass anyone? That way if they get through our line on a design screen play, it wont look like a screen since we dont ever slow them down anyway!!! Oh, and why not run a few more times? That way the opposing D line might have to think about something besides which body part of Cutler's to break first... Ill be shocked if we are better .500 at the end of the year... if we even get to .500

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October 18, 2010  03:55 PM ET

Yup, bad prediction too optomistic, but there again I always am with the Bears. Really now jcc1 how long have you been a Bears fan? You say that they need to Pay!!! for a Quality Coaching staff!!! Since I've been rooting for the Bears they have only done that once when Papa Bear hired Jack Pardee!!! And that was in the early 80's or late 70's. He was replaced by a cheap coach 1st time head coach, Ditka. Surley some of you remember him. This franchise is notoriously cheap. Remember Butkus saying about manhole covers and nickles? For any old time fans we have conceded that the only way they are going to hire a quality coach is to change ownership!!! I know I would like Cower or Fisher but will get either Rivera or Frazier. It's a matter of economics and cheapness. Why do you think we are suffering through another season with Lovie? As far as Cutler not being a good QB I want you to name two who you think are better that have been on the Bears in the last 40 years. You can't do it. Ok you will say McMahon but he wasn't a type of QB who could carry a team on his own like Payton Manning etc. Cutler might not be a Manning but he is one of the best QB we have had in a LONG time!!!! So please, dry up your eyes about Cutler. I and most long time Bear fans are tired of your crying. It only destroys the Bears from the inside like a cancer.

October 19, 2010  11:03 PM ET

Yes but you've got yourself a game next/this weekend against the Vikings though that will be very important in the standings. If Farve plays (Who knows with the Jets harassment deal.) it will be close since it's at GB. However both teams are injured and neither is any where near full strength. I'ts just going to be one of those of who can suck up the pain and drive on. As a Bear fan is there any way both of them could lose? lol Ps. Congrats on your promotion if that's what you got Jane. My daughter joins in April and I have two sons in right now. I give you alot of BS (Packers fan and in the Navy.) but I really respect you more than you know. Go BEARS!!! and ARMY. lol. They beat Navy last when in 1902??? sob sob cry cry.

October 21, 2010  11:29 AM ET

moving players more and more around the line is not the answer. leave them at one position to adjust and learn...albeit on the fly but it's something.

what i do agree w/ is where's manu and his fat blocking paycheck plus the backs need to stay in on almost every occasion to chip or simply pick up the untouched defender blazing for cutler's head.

October 23, 2010  10:38 AM ET

Everything you said on comment #27 is right on. Alot of it is Cutler acting like a deer in a cars headlights. (Freezing) Hopefully we can do something about it even if we have to bench him for a game or two. I and the other Bear fans enjoy anyone using the facts and discussions about the Bears. What we don't enjoy is all the negativity that some people think that they have a right to vent on us for being Bear fans. IE if you respect me I'll respect you. That means acting respectably and responsibly!!! Dissing and dumping on people is not respecting them. Thus when someone attacks us we defend ourselves. Now about the topic we all love Da BEARS!!! We have one game (Washington) and then a bye that might help us especially the line. If we can win this one (I give 50 50% chance right now.) we still have a chance of winning the division. If we lose it's like someone said, "Every game for the Bears for the rest of the season is a must win.) Do we have to win them all? No!, but we must establish an attitude of pride and effectiveness that the rest of the League knows that they have played a game when they have played us whether it has been in Chicago or not. This attitude of pride and effectiveness is something that the Bears have NOT shown this season yet. Lets hope they can accomplish what they have not been able to prove yet this season. Go BEARS!!!

October 23, 2010  07:58 PM ET

Amen brother.


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