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October 14, 2010, 08:22 PM
I'm going to have a little fun here, at the expense of my own team. Why do that you say? Because I can. What I'm about to go into could become reality one day, but I have no facts or knowledge that it will, or could. Just supposition on my part. Some of you guys (and gals) who think Jerry Jones walks on water, read no further, because although this is almost entirely fiction (at least as of this writing), it might just perturb you.
Since the dawning of the new era with the passing of the Jimmy Johnson one, Jerry Jones, henceforth known here as JJ, has been trying to field a team to return to the SB, not unlike all other 31 teams. However, with the building of Cowboy's Stadium, henceforth known as 'The House That Jerry Built', or just 'House', and the subsequent awarding of the 2010 Super Bowl in said House, JJ has been feverishly building a team to compete in this years SB. Nothing wrong with that. It would be a grand thing for all Cowboys fans if that did happen and to the chagrin of the others.
The problem is, all of these expectations and pressures to perform like a well oiled machine, is not working.........yet. Most years any team on the Cowboys schedule are looking to knock them off of their pedestal which is normal. With these added pressures, opponents and their coaches have extra motivation to do just that....knock them down and out. Of course, bonehead plays and silly penalties are also contributors. But, with the added expectations of being a "Super Power" this year, I believe those are the main reasons for the poor play of said Cowboys in the 3 games they've lost. It remains to be seen if this ship can be righted or not, or continue to flounder.
What's this got to do with JJ being the commissioner? Well, my fellow Americans and football fans, we all know how powerful JJ has been and is. Not to mention his bottomless pockets. Who is to say he might have his sight on the commissioners chair, especially if the Cowboys were playing like he wanted, and did win this year's SB?
Granted, I have to give the man his due on being a super salesman and businessman, because he is that. And, he may also be a super philanthropist as well. Does he also need to be the commissioner as well? If, of course, he has ideas of that, which I have no idea if he does or not, what do you think?

Let's see some opinions here.
October 14, 2010  08:52 PM ET

I sent a message to FN to delete one of these boards. Hopefully it will be this one. I have no idea how it got duplicated.

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October 14, 2010  09:08 PM ET

Bull,He snakebit the Team By"pushing"Them too excell,too His expectations[That's not by a long shot],Jerry Made the Stadium,Jerry Wants the Cowboys too Win the SB,In the Brand New Stadium that Jerry built,And it has too Happen this Season..Wow!!,He's not asking for very much is He?!,I'll wager that the Whole Tean is under a "microscope"Too ataine,something,that,as this Moment,hasn't went too Jerrys expectations,Not too mention Tony Romo,That might have a complete nervous breakdown,ifn He can't get them too,at least.the playoffs..I feel sorry for Yer Team ,Bull,And the Fans.

You're probably right, EZ. My point exactly.

October 14, 2010  09:08 PM ET

am I seeing double?

Yes, but of no fault of my

October 14, 2010  09:09 PM ET

Either Jimmy's hand or fruit flies. I think your cherry is rotten.


October 14, 2010  09:17 PM ET

good to see ya back at it Bull! Original DD... always enjoy ur posts!

One of these dupes are going to be deleted........I sent a message to FN to do it, but it may be in 2 or 3 days.

October 14, 2010  09:17 PM ET


October 14, 2010  09:18 PM ET

G'night all....I'm outta

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October 15, 2010  05:15 AM ET

Bull,Yer probabbly the only poster than can generate with duel threads running Side By Side..!!

Maybe so, but it wasn't

October 15, 2010  05:19 AM ET

I resent your calling the new Cowboys Stadium "House", for that conflicts with and reflects negatively on my favorite TV show.

Actually, the term "The House That Jerry Built" is my proper name for it, and is shortened because of my laziness to type out the entire thing............:-)

October 15, 2010  09:14 AM ET

Stupid thread

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October 15, 2010  09:58 AM ET

Stupid thread

I bet you read it tho, didn't you? Maybe you should go eat some **** and bark at the moon.......maybe your disposition will get better?

October 15, 2010  10:59 AM ET

Stupid thread

another troll... thought we got rid of trolls this yr!

October 15, 2010  11:24 AM ET

lets make pretend your smart and talk about things that are really happening.DOOOOORRRRRKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 15, 2010  11:26 AM ET

just ****.That says it all LOL

October 15, 2010  11:32 AM ET

just ****.That says it all LOL

I see you're a newbie. I started this thread and there were NO **** here when I did. However, I'm not a prejudiced person, and any and all **** are welcome to comment. Most of these folks are friends and are having fun. Simple as that.

Now, my fine feathered friend, you can be a troll, or you don't have to be. Your choice. But, my advice is to be a non troll, because it's a better lifestyle. You don't have to live under a rock, or have monkey poo thrown at you. A sense of humor is required tho.

Up to you.


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