NFL  > New York Giants  > Giants "QB Killers" beat "No Quit" Lions
October 17, 2010, 04:19 PM
Happy for the win but I question a lot of the play calling on offense and Tackling by my Giants Defense.

Give it to the Lions for not quitting, with their 3rd QB no less! Story of their season have been close games and just when you think you are about the blow them out they get a big play. If the Lions didn't commit a couple of mistakes I think they could have pulled out a victory. Personal fouls, roughing the passer, holds cost them a lot of yards and points...

Giants kept their discipline in check but they could have put this game away a few times but they played really soft on offense with their play calling. They could have got a few more deep balls as the Lions were playing off our receivers.

-167 yards Total rushing , 133for Bradshaw alone, 2TD's for Jacobs(Against what BG called the best front 4 in the NFL)
-INT free game for Eli
-only 2 flags against us
-got some take aways

A win is a win..3 straight.. 4-2

Keep on Moving...

Bring on the Cowboys next Monday Night!!!
October 17, 2010  09:55 PM ET

Still waiting for I got a big "I told you so" waiting for him!!!

October 17, 2010  10:52 PM ET

You were right Sam, the Bears came back down to earth when they lost to Seattle. The whole NFC North is really weak and the Cowboys are also a joke. Colts and Giants in the Super Bowl!

Well Seatlle used the Giants game plan against them..rush the passer, disrespect the run...They got 6 sacks out of it. I also said if you can run 100 yards on the Bears defense, they will lose. Exactly what happen here again.. They almost pulled another one out of their **** with Hesterbut I also said they will need 14 points a game on special teams and defense to win games, they used up their miracles cards in 2006

Don't be putting the Giants in a superbowl Trying to stay under the radar!!!

October 18, 2010  08:26 PM ET

Next up the Cowboys

October 18, 2010  08:31 PM ET

First we lose our starting QB and then we lose our backup QB. If it wasn't for bad luck the Lions would have no luck at all.

Stafford is coming back after the Bye so you should be ok. It looked like they almost put him into yesturday's game. If you had Stafford in some of those close games the outcome would have been a lot different.

October 18, 2010  08:49 PM ET

Next up the Cowboys

Our division games are like mini-playoff games and our records never mattered going into the game. I will be asking myself what state are the cowboys in and how hard are they going to play this game with out making mistakes? Which Romo are we going to get?

These divisional games put my nerves on


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