NFL  > Dallas Cowboys  > Cowboys Forgot Tashard Choices 551 Yards in Five Starts In 08?
October 19, 2010, 01:40 PM
We all remember when Barber went down late in the 08 season and with Cat shelved also, Tashard Choice got the nod? Well the Cowboys saw the biggest producton from a back since Emmitt was the horse.

vs San Francisco attempts 11 yards 57 receptions 1 yards 6

vs. Pittsburgh " 23 " 88 " 5 " 78

vs. New York " 9 " 91 " 4 " 52

vs. Baltimore " 17 " 90 ' 7 " 25

vs. Philadelphia " 13 " 56 " 1 " 8

Totals 73 382 avg. 5.2 18 169

The Steelers and Ravens have hardcore defenses as well as the Giants and Eagles? Hell thats 551 yards of offense in just five starts? Felix Jones gained too much weight in the off season and he can't catch the ball. The Cowboys should be starting Tashard Choice? I like Garrett but his unwillingness to give Choice playing time is disturbing? I don't know. We gotta clean house. If they cut Choice when his contract expires we lose a a very good player? What the hell is going on in Dallas? Choice is by far our best receiving back and hes not on the field? Wow.

Hell thats 551 yards of offense? With Felix Jones not producing this year
October 19, 2010  02:18 PM ET

Yea thats what will have to happen. Choice can be the fast receiving back that the Cowboys have never had? We have to find out what he can do? He doesn't have a carry in the last two games? Since the big KC game last year 8/72 td hes only had 43 carries in 18 games? Let this guy start and see if he plays like he did in 08 as a starter. Jones has lost a step with his added weight. another poor decision for him to gain weight?

October 19, 2010  07:26 PM ET

jones has lost a step.... didn't know he'd added weight, but makes sense now. we've basically become a passing team - 40+ most games. how's that working for us? this team will likely not be able to turn this around..... the up side to this is we may have big changes in the off season.

October 20, 2010  09:11 AM ET

Jones has not lost a step...Felix has averaged 4.5 yds per carry this season, he just has not been given the ball until the last 2 games...and in the Vikings game, they play sick run defense, hence all the screen passes you saw.

Choice is not the answer to this team's woes...

Firing Wade Phillips is the first step...hiring a tough coach such as Cowher or Gruden is the 2nd step. I think Gruden would be a great fit because he runs the West Coast Offense and I think that we have the players in place to execute it.

The third step is trading Marion Barber for a pick and go with Felix and Choice as our running backs. Marion Barber is nothing more than a goalline and short yardage guy at this point and I think Choice can find the same holes...heck, so can Felix.


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