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October 20, 2010, 10:18 AM
Cle @ NO* ____________ Saint's were offensively dominant last week.
Phi @ Tenn* ____________ Home field and QB issues at Philly.
Buf @ Bal* _____________ Crows at home are a tough bunch.
Cin @ Atl.* _____________ coming off tough loss. this will be a close game.
Was @ Chi *_____________ This could be an upset game. however I am going bears!
Pit *@ Mia ______________ Don' think Phins got the moxie.
Stl* A TB _______________ come on Rams!
SF* @ Car _______________ Go Niners!
Jac @ KC* _______________ chiefs get back on line!
Ari @ Sea* ______________ I dunno
Oak @ Den* _____________ im rocky mountain high!
NE* @ Sd _______________ Pats on a roll right now
Min* @ GB _______________ I think the old man upsets GB and all their dreams!
NYG @ Dal * _____________ Someone hides yellow flags from zebras....
October 20, 2010  10:23 AM ET

I think you may be wrong on Dallas. I highly agree on the Minnesota game because Green Bay is very beat up right now. Philly and Tennessee game could go either way, it all depends on if Kolb wants to play like he did last week, or if he'd rather go back to his horrible early season play.

October 20, 2010  10:25 AM ET

Saints over Browns - Though I'm excited to see what Colt can do against a defense that isn't Pittsburgh's
Eagles over Titans - Titans win streak against the NFC comes to an end
Ravens over Bills - No explanation needed
Falcons over Bengals - Winnable but Cincy doesn't have it this year
Redskins over Bears - Cutler takes another 6 sacks
Steelers over Dolphins - Steelers on fire right now
Bucs over Rams - Josh Freeman pulls out another surprise
49ers over Panthers - San Fran's been playing so poorly that this isn't a gimme
Chiefs over Jaguars - Jacksonville looks like it's going into early hibernation
Seahawks over Cardinals - 2 bad teams that find a way to win. I'll go with Hassleback
Broncos over Raiders - Denver's offense vs inconsistent Oakland
Patriots over Chargers - SD is falling apart
Packers over Vikings - Pack needs this to keep from going into freefall
Giants over Cowboys - Wade can talk about how they're the best 1-5 team in the league after this one

October 20, 2010  10:41 AM ET

seattle at home should handle arizona , ......+ ..go-pats !

I don't think you have to worry Jethrine, San Diego sucks this year.

October 20, 2010  12:13 PM ET

.....Giants over Cowboys - Wade can talk about how they're the best 1-5 team in the league after this one

You're probably right on this one. What an asinine statement! I'd have never said that in a million years.

And the fools continue to show why they're fools. ~~Shakes head~~

October 20, 2010  12:55 PM ET

Bills/ravens Bills Upset pick
Bengals/Falcons Falcons
Browns /Saints saints
Raiders/Broncos Broncos
Jags/chiefs Chiefs
Steelers /Miami Steelers
Pats/Chargers Pats
Eagles/Titans Eagles
Cards /Seahawks Cards
Niners/ Pathers Niners
Skins/Bears Skins
Rams/ Bucs Rams
Vikes/ GB Vikes

Giants/ Cowboys Cowboys

October 20, 2010  01:52 PM ET

Atlanta over Cinci: Falcons playing better team football.
Balt over Buff: unless the injury bug hits the entire ratbirds offense.
Panthers over 49ers: winnable game at home.
Wash over Bears: tough pick.
KC over Jax: defense should win this for KC
Pitt over Miami: unless Harrison retires????
NO over Cleve: tough place to play let alone win, especially without #1 and #2 WR.
Rams over Buccs: keep it going St Louis!
Philly over Tenn: VY hurt his knee, and Kolb is playing lights out.
Seatle over AZ: turnover savvy Seahawks defense should give AZ QB problems.
Denver over Oak: Should be close one, I think.
Pats over Bolts: only because Malcom Floyd is out for Sunday...was gonna be my upset pick.
GB over Minn: CM3 is back for the pack, and Rogers is playing really well after the concussion.
Dallas over NYG: must win (must not celebrate?)

October 20, 2010  01:54 PM ET

i hope yur right , better not be a trapp-game for pats!...........s.d. always starts off slow , then makes it to the playoffs.

I had the Bolts winning this at the beginning of the week, but I changed it when Floyd was listed as out for this game. Plus, Gates is hurt--hadn't heard his fate yet.

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October 20, 2010  03:29 PM ET

Saints over Browns - Sorry Cleveland, but NO is too godo.
Eagles over Titans - Eagles are clicking, it'll be interesting to see if Young plays.
Ravens over Bills - No chance for the Bills
Falcons over Bengals - Palmer isn't playing good enough to beat the Falcons
Redskins over Bears -Redskins are a good team and the Bears o-line hasn't inspired confidence.
Steelers over Dolphins - Will Harrison retire? doesn't matter, steelers roll.
Rams over Bucs- I really like what the Rams are doing right now.
49ers over Panthers - Not a guarantee, but 49ers SHOULD win this
Chiefs over Jaguars - Chiefs D is scary good, plus a good offensive game against Houston...
Seahawks over Cardinals - Hasselbeck>Hall
Broncos over Raiders - Oakland just doesn't have the skill to match up with Denver
Chargers over Patriots- They've gotta start clicking sometime...
Packers over Vikings - I always pick these games to go to the home team unless one team is playing absolutely atrocious or mind-boggling well...
Giants over Cowboys - Giants front four will take over

October 21, 2010  02:37 AM ET

Saints over Browns
Eagles over Titans
Ravens over Bills
Bengals over Falcons
Redskins over Bears
Steelers over Dophins
Bucs over Rams
49ers over Panthers
Chiefs over Jags
'Hawks over Cards
Raiders over Broncos
Pats over Chargers
Vikings over Packers
Giants over Cowboys

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October 22, 2010  08:09 AM ET

i hope yur right , better not be a trapp-game for pats!...........s.d. always starts off slow , then makes it to the playoffs.

Not when there offensive weapons are dropping like flies....

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October 24, 2010  10:47 AM ET




I can't decide on the last game... My Heart with Giants, My mind can't believe the Cowboys will go 1-5???

October 24, 2010  11:23 AM ET

Jerry Jones would sell his soul for this game but he gave that up 20 years ago... I will be a good game though after the stinker the Titans and Jags had monday night, It's week 7 and the COWBOYS season is on the line !!! The Cowboys !!!

October 24, 2010  11:34 AM ET

I haven't done well the past two weeks, but here I go anyway...

1. Falcons OVER Bengals - Back at home, not playing as well as I thought they would, but the Falcons offense should get back on pace.
2. Steelers OVER Dolphins - Big Ben getting his rhythm back, Dolphins 0-2 at home, Henne hasn't played a D as strong as Pitt's - and he won't have the run to rely on.
3. Ravens OVER Bills - Buffalo should forfeit and save themselves the embarrassment.
4. Chiefs OVER Jaguars - This will be closer than most people are estimating. Chiefs are simply the better team - and they play well at home even when they're a poor team.
5. Saints OVER Browns - McCoy is OK. Not good enough to even make this interesting, though.
6. Redskins OVER Bears - Skins gave the Colts a run for their money. Bears just lost to the Seahawks. I think those results are indicative of what will happen today.
7. 49ers OVER Panthers - This will be u-g-l-y. Niners will win by a hair. LOTS of turnovers.
8. Rams OVER Bucs - This is a toss-up. If the Bucs show up like they have against teams under .500 they'll win. I just don't think they will.
9. Eagles OVER Titans - Kerry Collins is good, but not good enough. Kolb is playing well and people continue to underestimate him. Chris Johnson will keep the Titans in it - but I see the Eagles squeaking one out in Tennessee.
10. Seahawks OVER Cardinals - Max Hall is not starting QB material. Not that the Seahawks are all that great - but they're good enough at home to beat a poor football team - especially one that struggles on the road like the Cards.
11. Patriots OVER Chargers - Chargers play well at home, but the Patriots play well everywhere. I've been wrong about the Pats every week, assuming they're not a premier squad anymore. They are. They'll win.
12. Broncos OVER Raiders - Top passing team against the bottom pass defense. What else has to be said? Oh yeah, Broncos at home? Obvious choice.
13. Vikings OVER Packers - Both teams are 'eh' teams at this point. Favre coming off the must-win last week - I think that will bleed into todays game.
14. Giants OVER Cowboys - Best pass rush against the worst O-line. That will force mistakes. Why are the Cowboys 1-4? Mistakes. Boys' go 1-5 at home.


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