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October 31, 2010, 04:12 PM
I have lost patience with the endless spam on this site and the moderators inability or unwillingness to stop it.

Specifically, a single spammer has been flooding the boards with hundreds of "How to watch online" posts.

This spammer has been operating unhindered for at least a month. Yes, eventually the moderators delete the spammer's accounts, but the spammer just creates multiple new accounts the next weekend and the spam continues unabated.

There are so many bogus spam threads that I cannot locate legitimate threads on these boards.

The moderators have deleted threads, posts and even user accounts of legitimate FanNation members who have tried to bring the spam epidemic to your attention. It seems to me that the moderators are more diligent about policing the comments on the spam threads than they are with the spam itself.

So here are my questions for the moderators:
1. Why was Buck-i-Girl's account deleted? She was trying to bring this spam epidemic to the moderator's attention. Further, why have the moderators not responded to her repeated emails on the subject of her removal?

2. Considering how predictable this spammer is, why does it take days to remove his account, and why are his spam threads allowed to remain even after the account is deleted? I have seen the moderators delete other threads so I know it is possible to delete threads on FanNation.

3. Are the moderators working on a mechanism to preemptively delete the spammer's threads as they are created?

4. Are the moderators working on a mechanism to prevent this spammer from creating new accounts?

Moderators, please come on this thread and post CONCRETE answers to my questions.

Thank you.
October 31, 2010  04:13 PM ET

Here are the CFB Boards today

Here are the NFL boards today

Here are the NHL boards today

Here is a typical spam thread. Comments denouncing this as spam are deleted, but the spammer's posts are not deleted. Why? Note that I repeatedly Hit the Report Abuse button on Comment #1 and alerted the Mods that this thread was spam.

Here is the contents of my post that was deleted. What is offensive about this post?

My name is UB Bulls and I approve this message

November 1, 2010  04:40 PM ET

Go get 'em! They bury very good threads.

November 4, 2010  07:01 PM ET

I agree with the gist of the comments being made. The golf threads are nearly 100% spam and there is absolutely no excuse for this. All threads are being taken over by spam. Some of the real comments being removed are totally inoffensive. What is going on? Are there no moderators on any of these sites. Seeing a thread contain "Comment # whatever has been removed" 50 or 60 times is simply pathetic.

January 13, 2011  08:35 PM ET

Seems like this should be obvious.


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