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November 2, 2010, 01:20 PM
There was a report on Fox Sports that Randy Moss agent is talking with the Giants & Bears about possibly signing his client.
November 2, 2010  01:31 PM ET

Oh Lord this could be a match made in heaven, Cutler could use someone to go up and get the ball, on the other hand it could be a match made in "he double toothpick" Moss doesn't really fit the mold of the type of W.R. Martz uses in his schemes and Moss does take plays off and has been seen several times half hardily running a route down the field. I really have no comment other than that............LOL Let the chips fall were they may and sit back and watch.

November 2, 2010  01:37 PM ET

Moss will never make it though all of the teams with worse records to get to the Giants or the Bears. Either Buffalo, Carolina or Dallas will claim him and then see if any team wants to deal for him if he chooses not to report.

November 2, 2010  01:38 PM ET

I'm in a chat at Chicago with Chris Harris and posed the question about Moss to him, his reply was of course to be expected as follows:

chris harris:
interesting question. I think he is one of the best to ever play this game and he would upgrade any football team, if the Bears went after him he would be welcomed because the type of talent he brings.

November 2, 2010  02:06 PM ET

Surely Jerry Jones is not THAT stupid? He's got enough problems now without adding to them, but then again, nothing he does surprises me anymore.

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November 2, 2010  02:27 PM ET

According to a J.J. radio interview he was quoted in saying: "Jones said the Cowboys will pass on Moss again as he is happy and satisfied with the team's current receivers."

Read more at the link below.

Read more: no-to-moss-no-to-making-feel-good-move-with-wade-philips.html#ixzz149QNpqKU

Jerry Jones on radio: No to Moss, no to making feel good move with Wade Philips

November 2, 2010  02:29 PM ET

interesting options are Cardinals and's more on each teams possibility -in-randy-moss

November 2, 2010  02:33 PM ET

I didn't know that... is there video?????

November 2, 2010  02:37 PM ET

nice to see a bunch of friendly faces btw! peaceful!

Enjoy it, it will more than likely be short lived.

November 2, 2010  02:44 PM ET

The Colts looked so good last night it was scary!

It was a good game and win for the colts, Manning is a shoe in for the HOF.

November 2, 2010  02:53 PM ET

LOL!!He brought in TO didn't he??

Yes, he did, and I'm hoping he learned something from that. But, I did read an article where he wasn't interested.

November 2, 2010  02:55 PM ET

Not sure if this article was the same as GSH1 posted, tho. I'd have to get the link from my Facebook thing. I'm about ready to delete my account there anyway.

November 2, 2010  03:06 PM ET

I keep hearing that KC is interested in Moss....I just don't see him fitting in there on a run first team...I think that he would then take EVERY play off, so why pay him for nothing?

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November 2, 2010  03:13 PM ET

I think he goes west or south..... screw cold weather!

I was thinking Miami? Not sure if they would pull the trigger due to his lack luster performance against the Pats, though. Loyalty issues?

November 2, 2010  03:15 PM ET

The possible lock-out next year and Moss' age/effort could put many teams between a rock and a hard place when deciding to pick him up.

November 2, 2010  03:18 PM ET

how bout snyder in washington, he likes paying ton$ of [$$$] for miss-fit$ !

He's to busy working out JaMarcus Russell's new deal there........LOL

November 2, 2010  03:25 PM ET

He's to busy working out JaMarcus Russell's new deal there........LOL

Yeah, but how is Russell's 2-minute drill? Could Shanny be creating a new breed of football play? Like a closer in baseball.

November 2, 2010  03:32 PM ET


what WHAT?

November 2, 2010  03:34 PM ET

what WHAT?

In the butt.


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