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November 14, 2010, 12:27 AM
Last year about this time I made a similar thread as I was getting ready for a Tae Kwon Do tournament, then I promptly blew out my knee the next day.

Will, I get back in competition this Saturday with a no-gi BJJ tournament.

I know there has been some debate on here about walk around weight compared, weight cutting and the like so I will try to shed some light on this issue with deeds, not words.

I am about 225-228 right now, and I plan on competing at 215. I now have seven days to do it, and I'll be following the instructions laid out here:


I'll keep writing here to track progress. I think that by showing my weight cut as it happens will help shed some light on how much people can cut quickly, and then how it affects performance.

Also, I should get some footage of the other matches that I'll put on here and Sports Nickel, hopefully on Monday after the event. Sadly, I doubt I'll get any footage of my matches as I may not have a cornerman that can do video for me.
November 14, 2010  09:51 AM ET

Go Go Clouis!

November 14, 2010  11:42 AM ET

Awesome! go get em. Don't forget to sweep the leg lol. Seriously Good Luck Collin.

November 14, 2010  08:46 PM ET

Don't forget to sweep the leg lol.

Only if I have a high single leg:)

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November 21, 2010  08:01 AM ET

Well, I went 0-2. It was a decent peformance though, and I almost won the third place match with a Kamakaze Calf crank and a forearm choke.

First one was a Scarf Hold armbar (that the people there referred to a "cowboy position armbar") and the second was just an armbar from the guard.

I got videos of both of my matches, they should be up here before too long.

November 21, 2010  08:08 AM ET

I'm too fat. The people there are just way too strong for me. I wrestled the 220 class there, and was so weak. Need to restructure my nutrition and workout programs.

I'm down all the way from 240 at the beginning of October, and I need to get to at most 185.

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November 23, 2010  09:38 AM ET

Yeah, def post the videos. I'd like to see that.

I should get them posted today.

I'll just need to go to get to work early to use their wifi, and create a youtube account.


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