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November 14, 2010, 09:58 PM
It's hard not to be disappointed with the loss, especially since it looked like the worst we would walk away with was a tie, and we should have won the game had we been able to hold onto the ball. However, there were some good things that happened in today's game... and though there are really no moral victories in NFL football, there is still something to be taken from each and every win and loss.

This was an important game for us, and although we did not come away with a win, some positive things happened. First of all, we were pretty stagnant for a good chunk of the third and fourth quarters. But in the end when we had to put together a drive at the end of the game, colt and the other players came through. Coming from behind against the Jets defense is no easy task, and I am sure the Jets left with a feeling that they escaped with a game rather than feeling like this was inevitable. That's really what the Browns have done the whole season, whether we have won or lost, teams have walked away thinking "that is a different Browns team."

What we have to do better is protect the football, we had a couple of turn overs today and they both came while players tried to get that extra yard or two over protecting the football. Anyway, here are the grades:

Colt McCoy - I thought the kid played pretty well and showed he can handle the pressure of being the guy. I really liked the way he was able to get things going after things were starting to get stale. It's important to be able to push through when your team gets cold.. and I feel like he did that - B+

Offense - We had enough offense to win this game except for the fact that we lost the ball a couple of times. At least one of these turnovers cost us the game. If you're playing a team as good as the Jets, you can't turn the ball over and expect to win. Nothing fancy today - just played to the plan and pushed through some malaise. - B

Defense - Our defense had to play a LOT in the third and fourth quarter and tended to hang in there anyway. Really the biggest disaster for the defense happened on the last play of the game... although there was one touchdown earlier in the game where we just blew the coverage. We have also got to get the QB on the ground when we get to him. Holy cow Sanchez looked like some kind of escape artist and it hurt us. I think we could have been better so I give it a C+

Coaching - Really I am not sure I agree or disagree with the whole passing on 1st down with out backs against the end zone in overtime. This seems to be one of those things where if we tied... people would complain that we just ran the ball... if we pass... well we should have been paying more attention to the clock. Regardless, what we did wasn't very effective, but that's an execution thing too. The onside kick seemed to be a little much, but had it worked we'd all say it was brilliant... I give the coaching a B- today.

Special teams was pretty solid today - can't really complain too much about the final punt return since we had to protect the kick. They were good for the most part. - B

Overall - B-

Still pretty jazzed about the direction this team is headed. I won't go so far as to say something CRAZY like we're for real... but I still think good things happened today and adding that to the last couple of weeks is a good trend.
November 15, 2010  09:07 AM ET

seriously? a shoe add? Is there nothing that won't get spammed?

November 15, 2010  01:13 PM ET

Not a chance, Buckaye! Spam for everyone! I'm still a little too ticked about the game to comment right now...I'll check back in later in the week. Plus, I have a crapload of work to do today. All I'll say is: Liked the gut check on offense, hated the outcome.


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