NFL  > Chicago Bears  > After the big Vikings win and a 6-3 record what are your predictions for the Bears season now?
November 15, 2010, 04:52 PM
If we go 4-3 we will have a 10-6 season and probably save Lovie and companies's jobs. (JA included.) Considering the Packs final 7 games we could win the division with a 9-7 record. Either record could be close to what happens. What do you think? With our "New and better OL" we could do better if they continue to protect Jay. The recievers must continue to improve and a running game would be much appreciated. Not just depending on our Defense is very nice and having Devin return Kick Offs and punts was very inspiring and insprirational for both the team and fans. Anyone think we could get a home game in the playoffs? Will the Miami game be the game to show the NFL and us that the Bears are a real contending team that should be considered a threat in the playoffs? Inquiring Bears fans want to know!!!!!! Go BEARS!!!
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November 15, 2010  07:44 PM ET

Bears have the tougher schedule and are the weaker of the two teams.

You can tell me all day that Chicago beat GB.

Winning an early season game does not carry throughout the season, and if the Packers beat the Vikings the pressure is back on the Bears.

The Lions could also steal a win from either team.

Though my guess is with Chicago's schedule they might win against Miami (with their 3rd string QB on a short week) and probably against the Lions. Every other game on their schedule is a possible loss.

Beating the Vikings isn't some amazing feat. You don't get into the playoffs by beating mediocre teams at home.

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November 15, 2010  10:49 PM ET

However with these possible losses are they not also possible wins? This is the thing that an offensive line and a QB like Cutler give the Bears that they possibly have NEVER had before. Possible wins instead of probable losses.

November 15, 2010  11:17 PM ET

"New and better OL" ?

We don't have a single decent player on that line. Webb and Omelette were human turnstiles on Sunday. Kreutz is done. Our line sucks. Cutler has to buy his own time to make plays. Now we have to start playing football teams. We've only beaten one good team - the Packers. Now we have to play a superior Pats team, the Eagles can score points, the Jets are pretty good, and three divisional games on the road. That's tough. Our season is week to week now, if we fall behind GB we're not going to get a wild card I don't think. But our defense is right at the top of the NFL in my book. If our receivers can get their heads out of their **** and Jay can keep his dumb interceptions to a minimum we can play with anybody.

November 15, 2010  11:21 PM ET

The Falcons will definitely beat the Packers, the Falcons are almost unbeatable at home. Matt Ryan is 18-1 now int he Georgia dome. But the only 'easy' games they have are against SF and the Lions. We don't have any easy games. Detroit away is not a penalty kick. And the Dolphins are our bogey team remember. The curse of the Dolphins has yet to be exorcised, and Thigpen was their best QB anyway. He can hurt us with Bess and Marshall.

November 16, 2010  07:43 AM ET

Irish I'd at least call Garza decent and I think Tice and Marinelli are doing a good job. I've been waiting all season expecting the Bears to flop. So far it hasn't happened. So I decided to play it by ear and go game by game no matter how bad I want a new coach and GM. I've rooted for the Bears too long (Since 1965.) not to root for them now. But as I've said before we win even if we lose by losing Lovie and Co. as promised by the mgmt at the beginning of the season. At least I see potential in this team especially with a draft targeting linemen coming in the spring. But for now and our possiblilities this season I say; GO BEARS!!!

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November 16, 2010  04:16 PM ET

I don't know about anyone else, but a TRUE LEADER is not my description of Lovie. I wouldn't follow him into a sand box fight with little kids. No joke intended. He is too willing to place the blame on everone else except himself. Considering JA's draft record I don't think he'd be too great of a loss and we can definately do better. 1/3rd keepers from his drafts is abismal and should have gotten him fired before this. I'm just saying even though I don't want them to, that I think if the Bears make the playoffs that they will keep Lovie 1 more year lame duck or not. And if Lovie stays so will JA. At least that's about what they said before the season started. I see Virginia and co. trying to show a stable front even if it's cracked in so many pieces that "all the past hall of famers and GSH couldn't put it together again" if they used superglue and concrete! We need better leadership from upper mgmt and if the next grandson can't supply it I REALLY hope the team is sold!!! GSH was an icon but as history has proven before, someone's kids aren't always what the parents are. Charlemagne is the best proof that comes to my simple mind. lol. Go BEARS!!!

November 16, 2010  09:50 PM ET

You might wan to re-check that...every game that the Packers play for the rest of this season is a possible loss..VikingsFalcons49ersLions Patriots LionsBearsThe Bears look good going into Miami Thursday night...a Victory will put all the pressure on the Pack not to go down 2 in the Division, and lose all tie breakers...

Are you the same guy that wanted Lovie Smith's head on a platter just a week ago?

November 16, 2010  09:51 PM ET

I'd think that most Bear fans would want the team to tank so that Lovie Smith would get fired.

November 17, 2010  01:56 AM ET

I and several others are in the very predicament you describe Duke, wanting rid of Lovie but can't stand to see our Bears lose. It's in the blood I guess. Or our jeans and yes I spelled it And I still want Lovie and JA fired too!!! The sooner the better. Go Bears Players!!!, dunk the coach and GM.

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November 17, 2010  03:50 PM ET

Good to hear from you EZ. Yes, this season is very different. Your Bengals and the Bears have seemed to flip flop records. Sorry I was hoping for you to do better. Do you hate the Browns? I ask because I love Peyton Hillis. Man is he a load to bring down. John Riggins reincarnated. We will be spending at least 2 picks on our OL next year I hope. We need a wr, cb, and a lineman to pressure the QB too in addition to the OL and Urlacher isn't getting any younger. What are you hoping for in the draft? A QB? or what? I personally am not a TO fan. I would rather get a younger man that will be here for awhile. The rest of our season is going to show just what we are made of. For better or worse for the OL which much of it depends on. Martz doesn't believe in FBs!!! He would rather use a TE who is much heavier and stronger and can usually catch better. I for one want a FB who can get me the nitty gritty yards when you need it like Czonka. If worse came to worse he could tire out the LB's so that the RB's could be effective. But we have to take the cards we are dealt. Take care EZ, BF.

November 20, 2010  07:24 AM ET

We won what I called our measuring stick game. I think we really have a chance to give some of the NFL's best later in the season a game. We play in Chicago against them (NE, NY Jets, and Philly) so maybe we can suprise some people in winning at least 4 of the next 6 games. Then we play the entire NFC North in away games. All of those should be competitive too. Playoffs??? Anyone betting AGAINST the Bears in getting a home game?? Not me, especially if we can find an OFFENSIVE-Offense. I personally don't know if the credit should go to our "superior" assistant coaches, Lovie, or the players. Now we have an extra day or two to prepare for Philly which can't hurt. We might need it (Watching Vick destroy the Redskins.) even though we have done a superior job in the past against Vick. (Urlacher always does a great job shadowing him all game.) As for age.. Vick is 30 now, so just not Brian is a little older. Any way you look at it Go BEARS!!!

November 20, 2010  07:48 AM ET

Oh yea what ever happened to that guy that was predicting that the Bears would win ONLY 4 games all season????


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