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November 15, 2010, 07:58 PM
Simple question.

I think it is, I really do.

I think he's at a point now where he wants to play more but his body just wont let him.

Last year he had arguably the best year of his career but this year he's struggling to make through games.

I think he realizes it as well.

"I haven't missed a game since 1992".

He said that after the game yesterday.

To me, that's looking back - which means he's not looking forward.

I just think that after this year, he hangs it up for good.
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November 15, 2010  08:18 PM ET

He may be done now, he's seeing Dr. Andrews about his shoulder that was repaired early last season when he had the partially torn biceps tendon, if the rotator cuff is partially torn he will be placed on the bench or even IR, it will not heal before the end of the season. he has to have an MRI.

This is Brett Favre. I think the longest starting streak is more important that he lets on. In fact, I think it's more important than any other record he holds. He knows this is a passing league now so his records there will fall eventually, but with how violent the game is - his starting streak will take a while.

The nearest guy is Payton Manning and he's about 5 years behind him.

I think Brett toughes it out through the end of the season and then calls it quits.

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November 15, 2010  08:51 PM ET

If Favre plays with a bad shoulder then the Vikes have no chance of having even a 7 and 9 record. My view is that is he plays and has another poor showing and it's obvious there is something wrong and the Vikes lose, then Chilly will be fired, Frazier will move up and they will look forward to next year and start Jackson the rest of the year.

But the fans and FO know all the fault doesn't lie with Brett. Part of that is that moron Rice deciding not to get his hip addressed until training camp when he knew back in Jan. that he needed help. Not having him is hurting Brett.

Also the Vikings defense isn't getting the sacks this year like they got last year. That can't be blamed on Brett, either.

He's the Vikes best chance for winning as neither guy they got behind him is better.

My guess is, he rides out the season and he's done. The Vikes, for their part, will draft someone in 2011.

November 16, 2010  10:01 AM ET

he came back for the huge pay day and the streak record. he's finished and he knows it. and, is there a team that would want him? he's played so poor this yr and w/ the texting problems, don't you think he finally just wants to vanish from all this???

November 16, 2010  11:19 AM ET

Mongo say yes he is done. They are 3-6, win out and Vikes are 10-6, yeah right Mongo make funny win out HA! Vikes lucky to finish 6-10.
Mongo tell Z. to send BF back to the bayou and get a real coach. Forget this year and build for future.

November 16, 2010  11:36 AM ET

This will be Favre's last year. The Vikings were the only team interested in him last year and with their season going down the drain this year, it will be Favre's last hurrah!

And what a way to go...right down the drain.

November 16, 2010  04:10 PM ET

And what a way to go...right down the drain.

Right into Canton, Ohio.

November 17, 2010  06:36 PM ET

I see this as Favre's last season. I don't know why he would want to come back again. Everything was so perfect for him last season, the Vikings were on fire and I must say, they blew it in the Championship game. it wasn't just Favre's pick at the end of the game, it was the Fumbles the stupid penalties. the score should have been 28 to 14 late in the 4th if they didn't make all those mistakes. This season the team just doesn't have it. Too many distractions, no team chemistry. you can't just turn on a switch and get that, it's something that is there to begin with to some extent and is augmented by success as the season goes on. I don't see how the Vikes can turn it around. Chilly will be gone. Favre will not want to come back to a new coach, a new system.


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