NBA  > General NBA  > Can Lebron go back to cleveland if he really wante to ?
November 23, 2010, 06:44 PM
I was just curious, or is he locked in
November 23, 2010  09:20 PM ET

LeBron: Hey Pat (Riley), can I have a word with you?

Pat: Sure LeBron, what's on your mind.

LeBron: You know Riles, I don't think this Miami thing is working out so well. So I was wondering, would it be alright if I can just go back to Cleveland?

Pat: Sure LeBron, why not! Sorry it didn't work out. Good luck in Cleveland.

LeBron: Thanks Riles. Now NBA fans will love me again.

December 1, 2010  12:04 PM ET

the self proclaimed "king" is no more.... LOL! the cavs are better off w/out this clown. hard to believe this man has become one of the most hated in sports today. so much talent... so much selfishness.... it's a shame nobody taught this kid how to behave when he was growing up.

December 1, 2010  01:45 PM ET

Better off without him? LOL....

They went from 1st to 8th in the East and they are clinging to that spot by 1 game...

He is hated for what? Because he "chose" to play in a better city, to make LESS money, so he could have a chance to win a title?

Hated because he did it on TV? Fine, I will give you that....but last I looked, that TV episode generated 2mil and he donated every penny to charity.

It is ESPN, SI and every other sports writer and sports station that created this monster.

You call him selfish? That is one taught him how to behave? Even more comical.

The guy has not said one bad word about Cleveland, all the while morons like you are blasting him left and right and people are burning his jersey in the street.

Last I looked, his JOB is to play basketball. And, last I looked, he has the RIGHT to work anywhere he wants.

Now, the original thread was about him leaving....well, he cant...Miami has him signed for 5yrs. He can not go anywhere.

Nor would he want to....Cleveland is a crap city with crap sports and crap, they showed their **** when he decided to leave and better himself.

Good for him to be in Miami, sorry you guys have to hate on him so much, but in the end, he will be just fine, with or without you.

December 2, 2010  02:34 PM ET

Clevland is garbage this year....and how is he a "self proclaimed" king??? he didnt give himself the nickname the fans did....LeBron is in a better place in Miami and just because they dont win the ship this year doesnt mean crap because everyone knows it takes time to learn to play with other superstars

December 7, 2010  01:14 PM ET

Beyond the legality of contracts, and jumping over the fact that LeBron chose to leave Cleveland, would the people there even accept him anymore? I'm a big LeBron fan, but he's burned that bridge to the ground. I think he's better off in Miami.

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December 21, 2010  05:58 PM ET

Gilbert wouldn't take him back, just like being betrayed by an ex-wife no matter how hot she is.

January 1, 2011  09:57 PM ET

Its usually a players dream to play in your home state. Leaving Cleveland was not good all around. It must feel stressful when he goes home on vacation in Ohio.

February 9, 2011  10:25 AM ET

Being from Philly, I thought I had seen it all when it comes to fans and their behavior....I even witnessed fans deck Santa Clause With Snow Balls and batteries...I remember a standing ovation when Michael Irvin broke his neck...But, the way the fans in Cleveland lost their minds when Lebron decided to leave....I was a little stunned....Death threats...I think it is best for everyone if we move on....


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