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November 29, 2010, 03:09 AM
Leading the league in :

* Fewest points allowed
* Stopping opponents on 3rd down
* Takeaways
* Interceptions
* Average starting position.

Nearly leading the league in :

* Fewest passing TDs allowed (8, one behind the Saints with 7)
* Rushing defense (2nd)

Unbeaten in our division.
Just beat the Eagles in a much more impressive fashion than the 5 point victory suggested (played the entire 4th quarter in prevent mode).
Offensive line play improving weekly.
Hester back returning kicks as well as punts.
Cutler making better decisions (just racked up a 143 QB rating against the former league leaders in takeaways) and looking after the ball better.

.... and still no respect. We'll just have to go and win it all I guess. What excuse will the media make then? The rest of the league beat themselves .....?
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November 29, 2010  05:49 AM ET

I've only been able to see the Bears play a couple of times this year, including yesterday. I was impressed with their play. Even though Philly cut the lead down, the Bears made them play catch up all game. Congrats on a well deserved win. I wouldn't worry about the media anyway. Most of the time, it's only personal opinions.
Sometimes the misconception of "no respect" will make a team play better, so it may end up benefiting the Bears in the long run.

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November 29, 2010  02:25 PM ET

I think the Power Rankings are pretty much like the BCS rankings in college football -

actually, I think the Power Rankings are nothing like the college BCS rankings....

the BCS rankings are largely based on past performance...

Power Rankings are based on what somebody (whomever is doing the rankings) thinks various teams will do RIGHT NOW regardless of past records....for example, if the cowboys, after their 1-7 start, would have run off 6 straight wins, all by 20 point margins, then they would have been ranked pretty high in anybody's Power Rankings even though they have the 7 losses

if the Chargers appear higher in the power Rankings than the Bears, I'm guessing this is largely due to how somebody views the QB play of Rivers vs. Cutler

if the Bears beat the Patriots, Jets and Packers in the next five games, they will be near the top of the Power Rankings (assuming they lose to neither the Lions or Vikes)

November 29, 2010  02:26 PM ET

Why have a season if the records don't mean anything...

The records mean's the Power Rankings that mean NOTHING

November 29, 2010  02:34 PM ET

Da Bears have lost two games AT HOME to teams with losing records (Skins, Seahawks)

November 29, 2010  02:37 PM ET

The Chargers are clearly a better team than chicago.


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November 29, 2010  02:57 PM ET

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

I prefer lust or gluttony

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November 29, 2010  03:17 PM ET

An example of what he means is like the Power Rankings, how could you have a team like the Chargers with two more losses than the Bears higher than them, in the respect...lets see if they correct it.

I don't really pay attention to power rankings in the NFL because they don't mean anything. In college, it decides the championship game but in the NFL, it means nothing.

As to why the Bears get no respect (as the OP said) I think there are a few reasons.

1) They're quiet. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you - it's just that they don't have any players mouthing off, getting arrested or drawing bad attention to the team.

2) Others are loud. The opposite of #1. Players and other teams draw the media's eye. With so much attention being given, say to the downfall of 'America's Team', or is Harrion being singled out, or is Brett past his prime (etc) there's not enough room left in the sport section to give credit where credit is due. Let's be honest...the Vikings, who are losing, get more coverage than the Bears, who are winning. It sells papers.

3) You're not blowing anyone out offensively. People want to see points, and right now the Bears are ranked 28th in total offense, 26th passing and 20th rushing. Yes, your D is great but people remember offense more than defense.

4) Lack of star power. Taking my Steelers as an have names like Woodley, Harrison, Polamalu, Big Ben, Hines, etc. With the Bears the only name most people know is Urlacher. The casual fan would have a hard time telling you who the starting QB is in Chicago.

Your leading tackler is ranked 25th (Urlacher), your leading sacker is 22nd (Idonije), and your leading INT guy is 7th (Moore). 2 of the 3 are subpar to say the least.

Offensively, Cutler is ranked 17th, Forte is 18th and Johnny Knox is 16th.

What that tells me is that you're winning as a TEAM - and that's a good thing. It also tells me that there's no one standing out. Which means that you don't get the attention, and thus don't get the respect.

November 29, 2010  05:03 PM ET

answer to your basic question....Yes. Teams like Steelers, Pats, Indy who are perennial winners get like an immediate boost in respect.

Teams like Atlanta, Bears, Bucs for example have to fight off the doubters.

November 29, 2010  06:59 PM ET

I like the disrespect they are getting..remember 2006?

November 29, 2010  07:02 PM ET

Hey dude...I respect the Bears but I respect the Chargers even more. Chargers rule!!!


November 29, 2010  07:04 PM ET

I'm a big time Stoner.

Really? I thought you were just blonde?


November 29, 2010  07:25 PM ET

Really? I thought you were just blonde?;)

*kicks the TWINKIE*


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