NFL  > Chicago Bears  > If the Bears win two of their next 4 games they should make the playoffs. Question is which two???
December 5, 2010, 04:34 PM
We should beat the Vikings, but of the other 3 it's a tossup for us to win or lose them. I think we will beat the Packers at GB, and our chances of beating the Jets are better than the Patriots. Elite QB's are (In my opinion.) harder to beat because they haven't lost untill the final possesion. They can always come back on the last drive and bite you in the derriere. (I looked up the spellling.) That's why they get paid the big bucks and no one can doubt the capabilities of Tom Brady. However Jay Cutler might see this game as a challenge to him personally. Thus he could have a huge game knowing him and remembering his games against, Farve, Rodgers, and Vick, all wins THIS season. This would open up the possibilities of a 12-4 season by winning 3 of the 4 last games. If we Don't win the last game against the Packers however it's still possible for us to go 11-5 and not make the playoffs!!! Doubtful but mathematically possible right now. That means the Packer game is more important than ever, and True Bear and Packer fans wouldn't have it any other way! Go BEARS!!!
December 5, 2010  04:36 PM ET

Beat the Vikes and Jets but fall to the Pats and Pack but still make the playoffs.

December 5, 2010  05:02 PM ET

Beat the Vikes and Jets but fall to the Pats and Pack but still make the playoffs.

I can see them losing all 4 of these. I highly doubt they will but Jets and Patriots are tough. Packers start slow but when they start rolling at home they don;t stop. Vikings found a QB and are a good home team. I see loses to Pack and the Jets.

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December 5, 2010  05:31 PM ET

I see a loss to the Packers too, in a game that does not matter to the

Why won't it matter? Do you think the Bears will be out of the playoffs already?

December 5, 2010  05:51 PM ET

You funny CM352. Oh, you Packer fan!!! I forgive your lack of enough brain cells to blow your nose if brain cells were dynamite. lol. I smell a Bears sweep of the entire North Divison on the wind.

December 6, 2010  11:52 PM ET

The Patriots just stomped the Jets on Monday night football 45-3. If there is any way that we can catch them overconfident this is the scenario. 1st we are not as respected as we could be. 2nd the fact that the Patriots have just given themselves a lead in their division against a division opponent possibly rating them as the best team in the NFL. 3rd they only have 6 days to prepare and then have to fly to Chicago which takes away another day. So actually they have 2 or 3 days less than normal (Do they still get a day of rest off?) to prepare for us. Lastly the game is in Chicago where historically we play better and the crowd will help us. Unfortunately neither the Patriots or Jets are warm weather teams that should be effected by the colder December weather. Prediction I think the Patriots will win a close one but I do hold hope that our D might be able to contain Brady and Cutler will look at it like a challenge game between him and Tom Bradey whom Cutler might want to show up despirately to get himself back into the Pro Bowl again. Go BEARS!!!

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December 7, 2010  11:05 AM ET

First thing, if the Bears win out they would be 13-3 not 12-4. Next the Packers have two trap games in there that no one is commenting about, the Giants go to Green Bay the second to last game of the season, (just when the Giants playoffs chances are on the line). Everyone knows about the Giants DL and the Packers OL but no one is talking about this game, which makes me wonder why? Additionally the Packers play the Patriots the week before the Giants game in New England (Week 15.)!!! Awful tough for the Pack to accomplish a final 4 game win out!!! (Right now it looks doubtful for both the Bears or Packers with both of them having 3 tough games of the 4.) This still is shaping up to be a fantastic season especially for the NFC North. We shall see what happens (and enjoy it.) won't we... Go Bears!!!

December 7, 2010  11:57 AM ET

I think you will have no trouble beating the Vikings and the Jets. I dont think you have a shot against the Pats even playing at home. The Packers game in GB is a toss up. Green Bay has been looking at this game as a setting the record straight game. I seems like the Bears have been the recipients of incrediblly fortunate calls this season, see Detriot, GB and Detriot again. The officials seem to swallow their whistles in the critical playoff type games. I suspect the GB game is a loss. 11-5 is not bad and sets up a wild card sot for the Bears.

December 7, 2010  12:15 PM ET

But I didnt expect the beat down you guys gave the Eagles so what do I know...if Cutler can continue to play within himself things will work out fine. I read on a blog that perhaps the fact that Brady coming to Chicago will motivate Cutler to take it upon himself to show Brady that Cutler belongs in the All Pro conversations. If you are a Bears fan I am sure you hope that is the furthest thought in Cutler's mind. Keep Cutler focused on the task, throw the ball to his guys and move the chains. He has done a fantastic job of late just keeping it simple.

December 7, 2010  12:53 PM ET

I suppose I see the Jets, as the rest of the league see's the Bears. I would pin the two wins on NYJ and Minny.

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December 7, 2010  01:01 PM ET

Or if both teams end the season with identical records GB will take the division (based on tie breakers).

That's where the, who beats who comes into to play. If both teams end at 10-6, 11-5 it all depends on who loses to who. I.E. which NFC teams both teams W or L to.

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December 7, 2010  03:53 PM ET

?I'm just assuming (for the sake of debate) that GB takes care of business at home (vs NYG and Chicago). That would give GB a better record vs. NFC opponents and the division crown.GB also holds the other two tie breakers over Chicago (strength of schedule and strength of victory).

Discounting Det. are we? Didn't GB only win by 2 last time? And that was on the Tundra.

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December 7, 2010  04:40 PM ET

U white devils need to stop showing your true colors. Y'all hate mike Vick because he's back and dominate! Brady, flaco, manning, rivers none of your great white hope qb's can compare to vick's ability. I'm so glad that Andy Reid isn't the same as the typical American white devil!! John elway was my favorite QB and Vick is a new and improved elway thanks to Andy Reid. Referee penalized the lions for roughing the passer when clearly he was running. The hit was legal but the ref's still protected white sorry **** j cutler! Once again the NFL is showing discrimination. The black athlete is what making the game what it is today! I wish all black athletes would come out of that sport and then let's see if the respect and success of the NFL change.

WOW probably should review basic english sentence structure before you go off again. I dont dislike Mike Vike because he is black...I could care less if he was purple, green or whatever color, I dislike the man because of the savage barbaric fiend he was to the dogs he butchered and tortured for sport. He is an incredible talent on the field I grant you that. But I would not spare a cup of water to pour over him if he were on fire, which again has nothing to do with his skin color. We all bleed red...I dislike the man Vick is and was off the field.

December 7, 2010  04:48 PM ET

U white devils need to stop showing your true colors. Y'all hate mike Vick because he's back and dominate...

I appreciate what Mike has accomplished, given what he's been through (or put himself through). It is truly remarkable. It's not that he's a Black quarterback, it's that he's just a different kind of quarterback. And if he keeps taking the kind of hits he's been taking this season, he's only going to last a couple of more years. You can get away with that kind of play in college but not the NFL. Brady and the others understand that they are more valuable to their teams when they are healthy for 16 games. They think long term.

December 7, 2010  04:55 PM ET

Oh, they removed The Minister's post (#18).


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