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December 6, 2010, 01:05 PM
Well today is a sad day for Cowboys fans. Athough I never saw Dandy Don play I sure read about his heroics in the nfl championship games in 1966 and 67. He gave a valiant effort vs the mighty Packers with a young Cowboys team but lost both games by a total of eleven points. Meredith was drafted by the Bears in the 3rd round of the 1960 draft. For those who don't know.. the Cowboys did not have a draft their first season. Apparently Meredith got cut during his rookie year and played six games in Dallas. He backed up a journeymen qb named Eddie LeBaron who probably got more publicity then he deserved. Meredith played on some really bad teams from 1960-65 but finally the Cowboys became winners in 1966. Meredith led the Cowboys to the playoffs his last three seasons. His mumbers were very average... 48-33 as a starter, 50.7 completion pct, 135 tds 111 interceptions. The thing thats sad was that after one of his better seasons in 68 with 21 tds and 12 ints he had to retire early because of many injuries he suffered in his nine year career. He had to retire early at age 30 because of injuries very much like Staubach and Aikman had to. I often wonder... if Meredith had stayed our starter and been there in Super Bowl V just two years later would the Cowboys had won that game they lost 16-13 on a closing seconds fieldgoal? Craig Morton was unable to spark the offense that day? Woulda shouda coulda? One thing I read about Meredith was he used to cut it up in the huddle. Landry didn't like it much but Don kept the players loose. To this day I wonder if we could've beaten the ackers in the ice bowl if the cold hard field didn't slow Hayes down would we have won... Who knows? God bless Don Meredith dead at 72.
December 6, 2010  01:43 PM ET

Life is very sad. In 96 I was in New Jersey at pretty much a Cowboys card show. I ran into Bob Hayes and talked to him a few minutes. I said to him... "Bob, you belong in the Hall of Fame!" and he said thank you and a couple seconds later I saw tears dripping down his face. The yoyos among the newspaper writers didn't vote him in til after he died. But Kelly is a first year recipiant? Just a story that I remembered just thinking of Hayes years with Meredith. Maybe Meredith is hooking up deep to Hayes in heaven today!


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