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December 6, 2010, 09:50 PM
Ok, so I was talking with a good friend who enjoys/practices MMA and we were discussing the bad decision last night.

He told me that - without a doubt - this was the worse decision ever.
I disagree and asked right away if it was as bad as Machida & Rua (to cite one).
He maintained his position.

his answer:
Of Rua & Machida, he said "Nobody really dominated in that fight. Rua was superior, but he didn't have Machida in a really hard spot". (he also does not agree in the belt changing hands on a close decision, but let's concentrate on the topic at hand).
Of Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia, he said that
a: Nam had garcia dominated thoroughly.
b: Garcia was completely gassed
c: the fight was not for a belt. so all in all, he claims the disparity was much bigger and thus a worse judge decision (as there was nothing at stake).

Now, while I do think he has a point, my take is different.

1) there is a claim for Garcia on 1st round. On second round was Nam's domination, but on third, despite Garcia being dead tired, he was still the agressor. and while I would (personally) give Nam the nod on the third, I have to admit that Nam simply stop attacking and was just cruising for a victory he thought was his. IMO that was his mistake.
Now, like I said, I think Nam won, but I could see why dumb judges could give the nod to Garcia.

What do you think FN???
December 6, 2010  09:50 PM ET

note: Don't forget Peoples was one of the judges!!!!
note2: how does one applies to become a judge? I bet any of us could do a better job!

December 7, 2010  10:18 AM ET

He is as bad a judge as Joe Son is a fighter

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December 8, 2010  12:38 PM ET

On every card there is always a questionable decision and a lot of times I disagree. There are plenty of times when a fight ends and I clearly have it scored 29-28 for one fighter but I know it will be a split decision with the judges. However, this fight I thought would be a resounding 29-28 decision victory for Phan. I had Phan clearly winning the 2nd and 3rd round. But, Garcia is the King of Split Decisions: 4 out of his last 6 fights have been split decisions. In those four split decisions he has gone 2-1-1.

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