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December 7, 2010, 11:08 AM
After the 1st quarter you thought....maybe TCU will get a chance vs Auburn since Oregon was getting it's struggle on....then the Ducks "quacked" all over the Beavers! As for Auburn they played with South Carolina's emotions for the 1st half then let them know they did not belong with the Big Boys. How could so many things go wrong for Spurrier and the Gamecocks?

1) I thought South Carolina Defense played very well for most of the game but the Touchdown at the end of the first half I think smacked south carolina hard in the face leaving them wondering WTF?!?! Also missing field goals will change the momentum of any game. Yes I sad the South Carolina Defense played well but there was times they could not tackle Cam Newton. They gave Newton to much time to throw and he also made the "spy" watching him look silly when he ran right by him! The comparison of Newton to Vince Young is fair. Both big mobile QB's that are hard to bring down give any defense a hard time. Oregon will have their hands full. Oregon better be ready. Does anyone get the feel that this National championship game will be like USC vs TEXAS in the Rose bowl. Wonder what Auburn will do if they reverse the ruling on Newton before the National Title game?

Speaking of and Gator fans have a common motto after this season "Wait until next year" Let's just hope that Texas and Florida get the ship right for the sake of college football powers.

2) Wow Miami(Ohio). Did anyone watch that game? If you did you would see how Miami converted a 4th and 20 to keep the drive alive while trailing 21-20. Miami pulled out the late 26-21 victory. Great game and sad to see it end. My prediction was way off but I did not see Miami being able to hang with N. Illinois. Just a matter of time until Miami's coach is snatched up to a BCS school. He went 1-11 his first year then went 8-4 and conference champs in his second. Ohio has alot of high school talent and if Miami can continue to snatch it up they will be competitive for years to come.

3) Talk about slipping up! Arizona started 7-1 and finished 7-5. Good Gosh I bet the "other" Stoops is feeling alot of heat right now. Arizona State played a great game and became bowl eligible with the win. Arizona will need to make some changes and hope the rest of the Pac-10(+2) is weak next year. Arizona is lucky to be in their division they are in for the upcoming season because 7-5 might still get you to the Pac-10 Championship!

4) Congrats to UCONN for winning the BIG EAST and getting the schools first ever BCS bowl game. To bad at 8-4 you stink and do not deserve the bid. Losing to Temple and still getting in the BCS game. JOKE JOKE JOKE! The Big East has been scrutinized all year and if UCONN pulls a big goose egg vs OU in their bowl game then people will be screaming louder for people to shut the BIG EAST's automatic BCS BID OUT!

5) Virginia Tech has been hot all year (starting in week 3). They have rebounded from their horrible start to win the ACC and get to a BCS BOWL game. BEAMER should get coach of the year for doing what he did. It would have been easy to fold under pressure. I bet VT would have been in the TOP 5 all year if they did not lose to JAMES MADISON.

6) Last but not least how about the "FINAL" BIG-12 Championship game. OU rallied from being down 17-0 to win 23-20. I thought Nebraska was going to run away with it in the first QUARTER but STOOPs got the troops rallied and pulled out the victory. The main thing that changed the course of the game was the constant turnover by Nebraska caused by a CRAZY blitz by OU defense. Nebraska QB had the "deer in the head light look" whenever he was blitzed by OU!
December 7, 2010  03:02 PM ET

On point #3, I bet Utah wins at least a P12 division crown next year. Not a great team this year but they are young and return almost all the key players for 2011.

On points #4/5, VT lost to a FCS team and a non-AQ team (that many posters here seem to regard as a high school team) and gets an invite.... Not sure why there isn't more outrage there either.

On point #6, will wait until after the bowls but the "Iron Brigade/TCUN" will be the hardest conference to pick next year. Adding in NEB to the other good schools will make it a bit of a dartboard event picking divisoinal and conference winners in August.

December 8, 2010  09:51 AM ET

one division in the BIG-10 favors OHIO STATE to keep winning while the division MICHIGAN is in will be super hard!

December 8, 2010  09:52 AM ET

I did this blog with more thoughts and stuff.....check it out at my blog spot!


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