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December 7, 2010, 02:28 PM
Indy over Tenn: Manning should silence critics
Cle over Buf: Cold and snowy forecast favors Browns offense, slows Bills WRs
Atl over Car: jimmy clausen
GB over Det: Packers are rolling, and need to win out to take division
Jax over Oak: could go either way
NYG over Vikes: T-Jax probably won't fair as well against G-men pass rush.
Pitt over Cinci: should be close
Bucs over Wash: Skins packing it in, TB got something to prove
NO over Rams: Brees at home
49ers over Sea: Alex Smith back at QB...could be iffy.
Chi over Pats: Should be closer to what we thought Jets/Pats was gonna be.
Den over AZ: The cards suck worse.
Jets over Fins: Statement game for the Jets.
KC over SD: just a hunch.
Phi over Dal: Kitna comes down to earth a bit.
Balt over Hou: Must win to stay with the Steelers.

Wow, that might be the most road teams that I've picked to win in a given week ever. What y'all think?
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December 7, 2010  07:48 PM ET

Okay, I may as well see how far out in left field I can be as well, and to make it even more daring, I'm doing the margin of victory as well.

Indy over 20..........Bud Adams will choose Young over Fisher, and wants to try out the new coaching carousel ala Dallas, Minnesota, and Denver.
Buffalo over 4.........could go the other way too. If it does, then by 6
UPSET SPECIAL OF THE DAY........Detroit over 3....hahahaha......I know, that's why it's the 'special'
TB over 14...w/o the suspended Albert 'Hates'worth. Wouldn't matter if he was playing anyway.
Jacksonville over 10..........another toss up
Atlanta over Carolina........... by 35 points
Minnesota over 6.......Interim coaches are the new thing in the NFL.
Pittsburgh over 7.....Sorry EZ....I just can't see it happening with Palmer.
Nawleans over St 10......Brees and Company are rock n rolling
Seattle over the 49' 7....York still insists they will be in the playoffs. 2 games out w/4 to play.......hmmmmm.....Nah. I don't see it.
KC over 2.....I never have liked Rivers.....Good QB, but I just don't like him for some reason.
Chicago over 7.........The Bears defense eats Brady for lunch.
NYJ over 13....Ryan is PO'd, and threatens his team with haircuts
Denver over 6.......New coach, new attitude.....the in thing this year. 1.....Dallas over Philly........."I gotta dream!"..........*grins*
Baltimore over 3.....Baltimore is PO'd too.

Now, I'm only doing this in fun and it's nothing personal if I said your team will lose. Chances are, I'll be about 90% ,or more, wrong anyway.

December 7, 2010  07:57 PM ET

EZ, I didn't see your upset special when I did I'd like to see the Bengals win, but I don't think they can. T.O. and Ocho Stinko are too busy playing actors on their show, too.

I was using Winter Santa's list when I was doing it because I didn't have to scroll..............

December 10, 2010  11:43 AM ET

Well, as of now, I'm batting Indy beating the Titans.

Uh.........the 20 I said in the margin of victory, should have been a 2......I don't know how that 0 got there. Typo, I guess.

December 10, 2010  11:46 AM ET

Might have to change that SD/KC Matt Cassel for the Chiefs.

December 10, 2010  03:08 PM ET

Who is KC's backup QB?

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December 11, 2010  06:49 AM ET

"Chi over Pats: Should be closer to what we thought Jets/Pats was gonna be."What?Chicago isn't playing the caliber of teams it played over the first half of the season, or an injury riddled team, or a third string QB - they're playing a team that is firing on all cylinders and Cutler is due for some mistakes.I'm picking the Pats by 17.

I agree with you, BGII, that NE SHOULD beat Chicago. But, if Chicago plays like they did against Philadelphia, or better, NE just might lose. Besides, most of these "predictions" are just wishful thinking for some of'm hoping my Cowboys will beat Philly too, but we'll have to wait and see.

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December 12, 2010  11:04 AM ET


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December 13, 2010  01:14 AM ET

I got 7 right and 6 wrong.....with 2 left to play.

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December 13, 2010  08:57 AM ET

I got 9 right and 4 wrong.....with 2 left to play...Should I count the Bears blowout as

Considering that this is about the first time I've done any predicting, I think I did pretty

BG, I watched the Bears game.......well, half of it, until the network switched to the Jets/Dolphins, and I was pulling for the Bears.......Lawdy.......but, they still are winning regardless, and should make the playoffs. I just wished the Cowboys would have fired Wade a lot sooner. But, Jerry deserves this kind of season for being such an a/s/s. I can only hope there's a season next year.


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