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December 7, 2010, 07:56 PM
OK, I seriously messed up my hand building my house, that and I had to get satellite internet at home because it is that or nothing.

Where to start, OK I went to The Big House on Nov.6th and a WAC/MAC/BigWest/MWC game broke out, yet it was still a great time and what a stadium, the 3 million they spent was well worth it, the blending of old and new was done very well. My brother and I had a great time, we are going to make a point of going to a game every year now. Next year we plan to visit Baton Rogue and check out Les' crew. We could also meet up in Northern California next year and see the Cardinal (no plane trips for this one).
The year after that were already planning on a trip to Fayetteville.

JRM, PSU in where-ever, GatorRobster, BruceS1g, TNerb, CentLA, Swampy, you down south folks (Trixie) and everyone else it's been a tough year, look at the bright side, Rich Rod is not your head coach and Greg Robinson is not your defensive coordinator, lucky dogs you.
I am not even going to ask what happened JRM.

When you think about how Auburn was robbed of any chance at a title the year they were undefeated maybe it is fitting they get their chance. Then again those Ducks deserve a chance also, if for no other reason than to change those uniforms, they have like a dozen or two styles and I am sure all the rest of the Football world will join me saying, "We want to see them all!", "why do you think we watch these games anyway, certainly not for the game or the cheerleaders or to hear Brent Mushinburger".

Anyone else notice that so many teams this year seem to be playing not to lose rather than to win? How many games this year an offense could have really tried for a 1st down and iced the game only to hand it off 3 times, punt and hope your defense can hold them? Frankly that kind of play goes against the principle of the game (in my opinion), this is not chess people.

Time to go home for the day, 'hide the nail gun I am heading home,' it really hurts when you shoot yourself, trust me on that one.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.
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December 8, 2010  02:13 PM ET

Playing not to lose is Coach T's trademark....kidding of course...

December 8, 2010  02:30 PM ET

Hmm, when you left RN was the toast of the town having just beaten Texas. Now he looks like he will be ridden out of town.

December 8, 2010  04:35 PM ET

I'm good.
But I still have these ears that are way too long!

December 8, 2010  04:58 PM ET

Glad to see ya, Hammered! Was wondering what happened to you, whats the deal with your hand?

December 8, 2010  07:05 PM ET

OK, I seriously messed up my hand building my house, that and I had to get satellite internet at home because it is that or nothing.

So I take it your hand is much better now? Or have you learned to type with one hand?

December 8, 2010  07:31 PM ET

All is well on my end!

December 8, 2010  11:01 PM ET

My hand either
a.) Thought it was made of steel
b.) Disguised itself to look just like a 2 x 4
c.) Wanted to know what it would feel like to have nails driven through flesh

I could blame it on the wind, it was really windy that day. and that wind had an eerie Stephen King kind of creepiness to it that gave my nail it's own personality, yeah that works, it had a MIND OF ITS OWN!


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