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December 11, 2010, 05:04 PM
The winner of the NFC West will come down to the last game of the season between Seattle and St Louis. Both of these teams play the 49ers and that is their main obstacle to being in contention to win the West a loss to SF will almost surely keep you out of the playoffs. SF plays Seattle, San Diego, @ St. Louis and then Arizona. If they win all 4 of those games they will win the west. Seattle plays @ San Francisco, Atlanta, @ Tampa Bay, St. Louis ( I don't think they can beat Atlanta and Tampa Bay). St. Louis plays @ New Orleans, Kansas City, San Francisco and then @ Seattle ( The Rams might beat the Cheifs ). The team that wins the West will have to have a 8-8 record 7-9 is fun to think about but it won't happen. Alex Smith will start for the 49ers this week against Seattle in a game he will have to win by throwing the ball, and he will have to do it for the remainder of the season or as long as he lasts. Some people are still convinced that he is a pro football QB, so unless he has a +100 QB rating in his last 4 games I'd say he should start looking in the newly reborn Arena Football League for a job, that is of coarse unless Jed York wants to keep him as a permanent 2nd or 3rd stringer. Now is the time for SF to play some of the players they feel are on the fringe of making the team (Dixon will substitute for the injured Frank Gore) and start making up the draft list for next year. Singletary should be released no later than 1 week after their last game of the season. So the winner of the West in my opinion will be St.Louis.
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December 12, 2010  03:18 AM ET

Narry ,It's over for the 9ner's this Year,look too next season,cuz that's what I'm doing.....

I've been waiting for the end of this year for the last 3 years. You have to die in order to be reborn. I'll be holding my breath in anticipation of who they will choose to be the next head coach and offensive coordinator. As for next season I'm not sure the Players Union will budge and it sounds like there will be a lock out, and if this is the case I don't think they will have a draft.

December 12, 2010  11:03 AM ET


December 13, 2010  01:10 AM ET

Boy what a joke Seattle was. I think Hasselbeck is on his way out after this season. Only Seattle could make the 49ers look good and I guess so will Arizona in the last game of the season. SF has its next 2 games on the road and we all know what a terrible road team they are. St. Louis has 2 home games against KC and SF they win those 2 and they win the NFC West.

December 19, 2010  10:03 PM ET

Oh my God. 2 games left for the 49ers and they play @ Rams and then Cardinals. The Rams looked pathetic against the Cheifs, the 49ers have only one road win, I can't believe that they might still win the NFC West and all they would have to do is beat the Rams and Cards to accomplish this, both of these teams they have already beaten this season. Does anyone want to win the NFC West?

December 27, 2010  10:10 PM ET

The only reason I hope Arizona beats SF, so that SF would move up maybe a couple of slots in the draft.

December 28, 2010  04:14 PM ET



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