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December 16, 2010, 05:27 PM
I went 12 out of 16 last week...75%

Hopefully I will do better, and not have another team I picked get blowed out.

San Francisco over San Diego...Upset Special
N.Y. Giants over Philadelphia...they will run the ball down their throats
Arizona over Carolina...Somebody has to win
Kansas City over St. Loius...Cassell returns, Chiefs put the throttle down
Miami over Buffalo...Dolphins are still alive
Dallas over Washington...Redskins are self destructing
Indianapolis over Jacksonville...I will believe it then when Peyton Manning does not win this division
Atlanta over Seattle...Seahakws should make it close at home
New Orleans over Baltimore...Atlanta might want to get nervous
Tampa Bay over Detroit...Bucs need this conference game, if they have any hope
Houston over Tennessee...Texans clobber the Titans
Pittsburgh over N.Y. Jets...Man don't they miss Thomas Jones and the guard they let go
Cleveland over Cincinnati...Marvin Lewis gets his walking papers
Oakland over Denver...Raiders still clinging on to the playoffs
New England over Green Bay...most likely no Rodgers enough said
Chicago Bears over Minnesota...How did the Bears win the NFC North?

Good Luck to everybody's team this week...
December 16, 2010  05:36 PM ET

Only one in doubt is the Indy vs Jacksonville match up. The rest I agree.

It looks like there are a lot of real good games on paper but the reality is circumstances occurred to make these easy picks. For example Bears vs Vikes might have looked like a great match up at Labor Day... Pats vs Green Bay seemed tight 6 weeks ago, now with the Pats on fire, Rogers brain like a scrambled egg makes this one a no brainer (pun intended). I do believe that NYG will run on the Eagles but Vick and Jackson could win this one for the Eagles.

December 16, 2010  05:42 PM ET

Call me crazy, but I think Cincinnati and Carolina win this weekend. And if SF beats SD, I will be so damn happy! Doubt it, but it sure would be nice.

The hard part are the unknowns this week. Cassel, Favre, Rodgers. If they don't play, their teams don't win.

December 16, 2010  05:46 PM ET

The hard part are the unknowns this week. Cassel, Favre, Rodgers. If they don't play, their teams don't win.

I should say they don't have a chance to win...

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December 16, 2010  09:50 PM ET

Were going to beat New Orleans. Were not done yet.

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December 17, 2010  08:47 AM ET

SD over
Philly over NYG
AZ over Carolina
Rams over KC, unless Cassel is back
Bills over Miami
Dallas over Washington
Tampa over Detroit
Jags over upset special
Atl over Seattle
NO over Baltimore
Texans over Titans
Steelers over Jets
Browns over Bengals
Oakland over Denver
Pats over GB
Bears over Vikings

December 17, 2010  10:20 AM ET

A little late, so I'll leave out the Thursday night game (got it right, though):

Balt over Saints...NO has played a lot of weak QBs on their win streak...comes to an end Sun.
Car over AZ....a game played by two dumpster fires, is there really a winner?
Cinci over Cle...Hate to say it, but the odds say that Cinci does not lose...crap, how many have they lost in a row?..hope I'm wrong on this one.
Dal over Wash...Skins are the NFC version of Bengals...keep finding new ways to lose games.
Colts over Jags...Manning getting another weapon back (Collie)...wants it more than Jax.
Buff over a feeling that Buff offense is due to score a lot of points.
NYG over Phili...gonna be a great game, but home field gets the advantage.
Rams over KC...Sorry Jim, but without Cassel I think that the Rams get it done at home.
Lions over Buccs...upset? Yeah I guess it would be...
Texans over Titans...Run Foster, Run!
Atl over Sea...tough to go from one coast to the other and win, but Falcons win on road.
Oak over Den...Tebow? Really?...what's that? Brady Quinn after that? Oh crap.
Jets over Pitt...heard that Troy would miss this game...if he's in they win; if not, they lose.
Pats over Pack...Flynn vs Brady? Come'On, Man!
Bears over Vikes...Probably going to be ugly for the Vikes in this broad are AP's shoulders?

there you have it folks!


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