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December 21, 2010, 08:48 AM
Some writer said last week, "It's not the offensive coordinators fault, and whens the last time Jets fans actually liked a coordinator". Well I've got an answer for you. The last coordinator I liked was Brian Shottenheimer. The one from last year, the 2009 season.
Heres the difference, The guy from last year ran the ball 600+ times. 350 to Thomas Jones, 150 or so to Shonne Greene, and another 100 or so to Leon Washington, with everyone else pitching in for 50 or so.
Brian Shottenheimer from this year is more 50/50, which is cool because balance is harder to defend. Here's the point though. Its the way you get to 50/50 that makes it important.
I watched the Steelers game this past Sunday. End of the game, 2 1/2 minutes left. 3rd and 3, maybe 3 1/2 yards. Steelers have 1 time out and a a 2 minute warning. J You know where this is going.
On 3rd and 3 Shottenheimer chooses to pass the ball. Pass the ball. Pass the ball? A good coach picks the call he thinks he will get a 1st down to ice the game. But a great coach realizes that the 2 minute warning or the final timeout will have to be used if you just RUN the damn ball. He doesn't. He chooses pass, resulting in incompletion.
Steelers get ball at the 5 or so yard line with 2 minute warning and a timeout. The defense almost lost the game, but they would have never been in a situation with 2 seconds to go, if the OC runs the ball on 3rd down using up at least 30 seconds of the final 2 1/2 minutes of that game. With 1 timeout and less than 2 minutes they would have gotten to midfield and game over.
My long winded point is this. Can this guy stick with the run? Can he have faith in the run? Can he use the run to keep potent offenses off the field instead of having his sophmore QB throw it 40 times? If he could we would have never been put in these crappy situations for the past 3 games at least! Let him seek an opportunity elsewhere and get a guy in here who actual understands the game situations.
December 25, 2010  03:10 PM ET

I don't know, it's still all about "SCOREBOARD" dude. 10 and 4 is not a bad place to be this part of the year. Count your blessings this holiday season and thank your lucky stars you're not a Buffalo Bills fan!

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