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December 22, 2010, 07:34 PM
I would definitely get rid of Brian Daboll and probably the entire offensive staff. Despite having a sensational rookie QB and a pro bowl caliber running back, the Browns offense hasn't been reliable at all. Daboll seems to be putting too much time into trick plays that are just as likely to confuse his own offense as get a touchdown. He hasn't established any bread and butter for his unit. He's failed to develop Maasaquoi and Robiskie. And the unit with the most talent, the offensive line, has actually regressed. No the offensive staff must go and Mangini might go with them if he's too stubborn.

If on the other hand he's smart enough to realize his unit seriously underperformed under Daboll they can bring in a proven coordinator like Bill Callahan or Jim Zorn or (shudder) Josh McDaniels. Then I think it would be a good idea to keep Mangini for a very good reason.

The Browns had their best off season since they came back into the league and it's due to Holmgren and Mangini having to work together. Both of these guys, when they've been final authority have had hits and misses in the personnel department. But the two together made a real impact. Fujita, Watson, Hillis, Ward, Haden, and Colt. Only New England had a better off season and you could argue that the Browns did better because NE had a core nucleus to build around. They say the best relationships are the ones with a little tension in them. If that's the case then Mangini/Holmgren should be a very successful team. Their first season together seems to indicate so.
January 2, 2011  06:54 PM ET

Did you see Mangini's face today? He knew it was his last game leading the Browns. If he doesn't get fired tomorrow, he will probably have a heart attack. I don't know if he is trying to retrain everybody or what, but whatever he is doing is not working. Get someone in here that can communicate with the players, but won't let them run all over him. Also get a couple experienced and proven coordinators in here that love to coach and are not looking for the quick step up to head coach.


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