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December 22, 2010, 07:35 PM
Giants at Packers....GB 27 NY 17
Saints at Falcons....Saints 24 Falcons 23
Jets at Bears.........Bears 10 Jets 9
49ers at Rams... ...Rams 13 49'ers 10
Panthers at Steelers....Steelers 24 Carolina 2
Seahawks at Buccaneers...Bucs 28 'Hawks 6
Colts at Raiders.....Raiders 34 Colts 30...upset special
Titans at Chiefs......KC 24 Titans 13
Cowboys at Cardinals ...Cowboys 34 Cards 10
Lions at Dolphins....Miami 27 Detroit 20
Vikings at Eagles....Eagles 45 Vikings 0
Redskins at Jaguars....Jags 35 'Skins 3
Ravens at Browns...Ravens 30 Browns 24
Patriots at Bills.......Pats 45 Bills 20
Texans at Broncos......Texans 28 Denver 0
Chargers at Bengals....SD 30 Bengals 7
December 22, 2010  07:48 PM ET

Giants at Packers-Pack wins at home, just to make week 17 even more interesting
Saints at Falcons-Saints win, which I think will actually be helpful for the Falcons
Jets at Bears-Bears win, sanchez hasn't been playing great.
49ers at Rams-Rams win at home.
Panthers at Steelers-Steelers vs. Panthers, enough said.
Seahawks at Buccaneers-Bucs get it back together.
Colts at Raiders-I actually think the Raiders win this as well.
Titans at Chiefs-Chiefs win.
Cowboys at Cardinals-Cards are terrible, Cowboys aren't as bad.
Lions at Dolphins-Can Detroit win three in a row? Miami is terrible at home, but Detroit is worse on the road. Miami wins, a REALLY close game.
Vikings at Eagles-Eagles win.
Redskins at Jaguars-Jags win at home over Grossman and the Skins
Ravens at Browns-Ravens roll.
Patriots at Bills-Bills hang around for a while,but the Pats inevitably win.
Texans at Broncos-Texans beat Denver, but a good game for Tebow.
Chargers at Bengals-SD has to keep winning to even have a shot. They keep winning.

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December 23, 2010  07:22 AM ET

I must have done this too early? Or beat someone to it, who's not appreciative?

December 23, 2010  07:29 AM ET

Giants at Packers....GB 27 NY 17

Fingers crossed XD

December 23, 2010  07:37 AM ET

thanks bull!

For what?

December 23, 2010  09:12 AM ET

Pitt over Car...Yikes.
Dal over AZ...At least the Cards will be able to draft high on a QB next year.
NE over Bills...Brady bounces back against vulnerable Buf def.
NYJ over Bears...Sanchise with the torn cartilage on throwing arm, Rex and his foot fetish...why am I picking the Jets, again? Oh, Bears are in, Jets need to keep up the pace.
Balt over Cleve...I hated typing that...too many injuries on defense for the Browns, but at least Eric Wright won't be in the game to blow the coverage on Boldin.
Jax over Wash...The Shanny circus keeps pluggin along.
KC over Tenn...Stick a fork in Tenn...we'll see what kind of moxie the Chiefs have left in the tank.
Mia over Det...Fins defense should win this for them.
Rams over 49ers...tough call, but I think that there's too much turmoil in SanFran.
Hou over Den...because I need a HUGE day from A. Foster to win my fantasy league.
Colts over Oak...Colts are getting healthy weapons back on offense...starting to look efficient again.
SD over Cin...V-Jax + Rivers = Win
Buccs over Sea...only because they are at home.
GB over NYG...Rogers is back, and that offense gets a serious boost.
Phil over Min...after the way they won last week, how can you bet against them?
NO over Atl...Saints get the tough win in Atlanta, but in the playoffs it will be the Falcons getting the best of the Saints (Crystal Ball Pick)

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December 23, 2010  04:12 PM ET

No predicted scores but mine? Whasssssssup wid dat? This is a freebie one is going to take away your birthday if yer wrong.........hahahahaha

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December 23, 2010  06:05 PM ET

At 44% Last week...I just hoping I am picking the right

Lay off the egg nog, BG!

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December 27, 2010  08:49 AM ET

I got 8 right, so far...........waiting on the Eagles/Vikings and Saints/Falcons.

December 27, 2010  09:08 AM ET

Damn...missed on five picks already...

December 27, 2010  09:09 AM ET

me too bull! damn browns and jags

I agree! Grrrrr.

December 28, 2010  04:08 PM ET



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