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December 23, 2010, 11:35 AM
Yup, that's the picture so far. But the important thing now is that the Bears have two final games against playoff hopefulls the Jets and the Packers. Both teams want these games bad and if the Bears can beat them no one can say they were give aways or easy. The Bears will have to earn them and if they can, they most importantly earn a home playoff game for sure and maybe two if the Falcons lose their first game. Even if the Bears have to go to Atlanta don't count them out because of the taste of their game last year isn't gone yet. Yea, that's the one that we lost in the last 14 seconds last year. If I can remember that I know the Bears can too. So if the Bears can win these last two regular season games the chances of going to the Super Bowl in my mind are pretty good. If we lose one however their chances of getting to the "Big Dance" again are going to be much-much lower. Sure I'd love to meet the Packers in the NFC Championship but the Super Bowl is everyone's goal, so winning these last two are almost as important as the Bear's previous 10 wins were. That's if, we are to get to, and hopefully win the Super Bowl. Go BEARS!!!!
December 23, 2010  11:48 AM ET

Two tough ones ahead for sure. Jets have QB issue, some sort of shoulder tear and bent psyche. Pack has a QB issue too with a bent noggin', he may be out of the fog soon. You guys have been second guessed all season, I bash Cutler all the time but by golly here we are at Christmas and you guys are in it.

Get 'er done and quiet all the naysayers.

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December 23, 2010  04:46 PM ET

Too bad about our Cowboys +40, maybe next year.

I think I have been saying "maybe next year" about the same time you started the beard in your avatar!! Grrrr

December 23, 2010  05:38 PM ET

Oh now 40 yr. cowboy fan, your Cowboys have won a few Super Bowls themselves. The problem is you guys are spoiled and think you should win one of every three or something. lol. Hey how would you like to be a Browns or Lions fan? Just what is the Cowboys record 5-1 or 5-2 right? Where as the Bears are 1-1 and the Vikings are 0-4, and I can't remember what the Packers are. I'm just saying I know everyone wants to win it every season but some teams and the boys are one of them who have no reason to complain. The only reason I want the boys to do well is my son roots for them and he's a SGT. in Germany. My other son roots for the Saints so my Cowboy son wants to even it out. ha!!!

December 23, 2010  05:41 PM ET

Thanks EZ, I hope they win the next two. I think they will need it to make the Super Bowl. Then in the draft and free agency we can concentrate on offensive linemen!!!

December 24, 2010  12:17 PM ET

The Jets are to me will be easier to beat than the Packers since Rodgers is back and it's in GB. I just hope the Pack can find some way to make it into the playoffs if we beat them. I'm so tired of our division being called weak. This would speak volumes to people since we have won 5 of 6 against our division with a sweep possible. Now with the resurgance of the Lions I hope to be able to send 3 teams to the Playoffs from the NFC North in the near future!!!

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December 27, 2010  02:39 PM ET

Who would have thought that the Lions and Bears would end the season with winning streaks of 3 (If we beat GB) and 4 games for the Lions!!!! With the Lions having a longer regular season winning streak than us!!! But we do have the chance to win our last 6 too!!! Go BEARS!!!

December 28, 2010  04:14 PM ET



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