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December 26, 2010, 07:21 PM
Nice guy, but he doesn't cut it. After demolishing the Chiefs and the Niners, Norv didn't get the Chargers adequately prepared to play the Bengals. The Chargers started too slowly again and it caught up with them. It is time for a change.
December 26, 2010  08:46 PM ET

I'm not sure Turner is the problem. The slow starts maybe the biggest problem. You know your team better than I do. I'm just adding something that I see though.

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December 27, 2010  07:54 AM ET

Hire Wade Phillips the DC..................

December 27, 2010  09:12 AM ET

Your GM refused to sign your best WR and let it get personal in negotiations. That should be unacceptable to management.

December 27, 2010  11:04 AM ET

You should blame this whole season on your GM

the gm is a large part of the problem but he is too entrenched now to pry loose. I think a better disciplinarian than Norv is what is needed.

December 27, 2010  12:21 PM ET

As a sports fan my entire life I have never understood why people always want to fire the coach/manager. After all they are not physically involved in the game. But after watching the Chargers in recent years I don't know where else to put the blame. WAY too much talent on this team to not go deep into the playoffs. Oh, they didn't even make the playoffs. Bye Norv.

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December 27, 2010  03:00 PM ET

I agree that the GM has made this mess in San Diego. Great player acquistion guy...but the day the GM fired Marty after going 14-2, the Chargers have not been the same team.

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December 27, 2010  04:52 PM ET

Lay off AJ, you can't say the Chargers are one of the most talented teams in the NFL and then go around and blame AJ.

It's not like the Chargers were completely lost without Vincent Jackson, Rivers has had an amazing year. Just look at what AJ did to counter act the loss of Jackson.

He got Tutu, who played better than anyone would expect a rookie FA to play.
He signed McMichael.
He got Patrick Crayton for a 7th round draft pick
And hell, even Kelly Washington has had a few moments in big situations.

This has nothing to do with AJ, he didn't give in to Jackson because he knew he'd have a great offense with or without him. And it's not like he refuses to work out contracts, just look at McNeil, he held out too and got a contract because he wised up quickly.

The Chargers problems are clearly due to discipline. Too many stupid turnovers and to many stupid mental mistakes.

December 27, 2010  05:31 PM ET

Wake up SD, Norv has to go. After Martyball was jettisoned, then SD got the placater that AJ desired. Norv has been to several teams, and all with losing records. He was blessed with receiving a good team with talent in SD and then his Daddy AJ wouldn't let him spank the children. Anytime you have a over bearing GM or owner that runs day to day operations, and gets into spats in the media with players then the entire front office should leave. The management of the SD Chargers are setting it up to move to LA. If they leave, there will not be another team in SD again. The Spanos family is to blame after suffering through Bethard, and now AJ. SD will always have that memory of the drubbing they took from the 49ers in Super Bowl, and will be the closest they get to playing in one again.

December 27, 2010  06:44 PM ET

I'm probably the only one, but Chargers fans don't panic. Norv will right the ship and he'll bring San Diego's 1st Super Bowl.

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December 27, 2010  07:11 PM ET

AJ is a stubborn SOB, to a big fault. But I would still keep that guy around because of his ability to spot talent. It's hard to know exactly what the answer is. Do the Chargers need a guy like Coughlin to beat people up and wear them down? I'm not convinced of that. Do they need a disciplinarian who will game plan so conservatively that the O will be held back? No. They need a guy that will have the team playing with the same high intensity, EVERY play, EVERY game, whether Game 1 or Game 16. Someone level headed, who the players will 100% respect. Someone who is not irrational and does not coach in the media. Someone who is a man of his word, who means business, and who game plans thoroughly and expects and demands the highest performance and no mental breakdowns. And someone who will matter of factly take action to correct breakdowns that do occur and instill discipline. Someone creative who prepares his players for all possibilities. Bottom line is, if your team wins SBs, you are (usually) considered a genius. If your team makes repeat errors or has players who lack self control or who are not committed to the team first, you will lose and you will not be a genius. Norv is an offensive genius. But he's not a head coaching genius. If he was, the Chargers would not start every year 2-5, digging themselves such a deep hole from which to try to crawl out of. I don't even know who I would want as a HC - anyone available seems to have some issues, some history of a lacking success. The best coach in the world can't win a SB with an untalented team. And that's what SD is right now. An untalented team. With MANY talented players and a couple of talented coaches. Find the guy that turns those talented players and coaches, as well as those new ones needed to fill the gaps left by those who need to go, into a talented "team," and that's the guy I want. And while we're at it, new local ownership and a new stadium so the Bolts stay in SD, please Santa.

Ron Rivera?

December 27, 2010  09:24 PM ET

The Chargers have gone the way of the Cowboys. Overrated and underachieving. Each year we hear how they are both are favorites for the Super Bowl. Both teams need to get rid of their General Managers before they will actually begin to live up to the hype. Norv Turner also needs to go the way of Wade Phillips. They both would be good Assistant coaches in San Fransico.

December 27, 2010  09:26 PM ET

I'm probably the only one, but Chargers fans don't panic. Norv will right the ship and he'll bring San Diego's 1st Super Bowl.

Were we watching the same game on Sunday?

December 27, 2010  09:27 PM ET

Norv Turner is a good OC but an average HC.

December 27, 2010  09:35 PM ET

Spanos, who has been in charge of the franchise since father Alex handed him the wheel in 1994, says head coach Norv Turner and General Manager A.J. Smith will return in 2011.

Spanos: No changes at top for Chargers


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