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December 31, 2010, 10:55 AM
This thread should live in the NCAAF (but I don't go there) but the KS game was decided by a freaking zebra on an "excessive celebration" by a KS kid who scores a TD, tosses a Salute to the crowd (3/4 of a second) then trots off the field. The freaking zebra says to him "Bad choice kid" and tosses the 15 yard penalty flag making the 2 pt conversion nigh impossible.

As an active military member I am appalled at the decision from the Zebra, the kid's salute was pretty "standard"; not some weird thing like on Benny Hill (if you go back that far)

This totally smacks of "fixing" or favoritism. I'm disgusted. See it on ESPN or youtube I imagine.

To think this game is decided OUTSIDE of the field of play is a travesty and testimony to the dysfunctional arbitrary nature of the NCAA. I'm furious
December 31, 2010  10:59 AM ET

Terrible that a ref had to change the outcome of the game, and it wasn't some long drawn out taunt or celebration, refs need to use more common sense.

December 31, 2010  11:30 AM ET

Just saw the highlight... what an absolutely ridiculous call by the official.

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December 31, 2010  12:40 PM ET

The other thing to know, is that Kansas State sports teams have military patches on their uniforms. Each sport has one patch, which pays tribute or acknowledges a unit serving at Fort Riley. I don't see anything wrong with saluting, especially when the team teaches the players to pay tribute to the military men and women that serve this country. The referee made an absurd call and it cost them the game. Put the hanky away and let the kids play ball. The game should be decided by the play on the field and not the opinion of a referee.

December 31, 2010  12:56 PM ET

The zebras think they are the game!

I think it all started with Ed Hoculi's arms......since most of those middle-aged clowns (takes one to know one) can't have arms like Ed's they feel they must be recognized for one thing or another.

December 31, 2010  12:58 PM ET

There was a horrible call at the end of regulation during the UNC vs Tennessee game as well.UNC's FG team was running on the field as the QB was trying to spike the ball. The clock was allowed to run out, no penalty cause the game was over, Tennessee wins. But wait! They review the last play and the QB spiked the ball with 1 sec on the clock so they inforce the penalty for too many men on the field, five yards, and put 1 second on the clock. UNC makes the field goal and wins in OT.I guess there is no run off of the clock in college after an offensive penalty. My question is how does the play count if there was a penalty before the play? If that's the case, that is a hell of a way to stop the clock and only give up 5 yards. No timeouts? Just send an extra guy out there and the refs will stop the clock for us. No loss of downs, nothing. Hell, that would be the best 4th down play calling ever.Tennessee got robbed.

I just hate seeing it end on a "call" issue rather than a play. Some will say "don't let it come down to the last play.." yeah ok but it is a 60:00 minute game, you play to the end. I blame the lawyers.


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