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January 3, 2011, 03:15 PM
It has been a relatively quiet Black Monday. The only victim as of yet is Cleveland's Mangini. The labour situation within the NFL may have forced some NFL owners to accept the "cooler heads must prevail" stance. I fully expected a number of HCs to get canned today...interesting.
January 3, 2011  03:38 PM ET

Who else are you expecting to get fired?

January 3, 2011  03:48 PM ET

Miami's Sparano...Titan's Fisher, Bengal's Lewis, Raiders Cable just to name a few.

January 3, 2011  03:48 PM ET

I thought Fisher would be fired and Fox

Yeah, same here for Fisher anyway. Fox is gone. No contract renewal, no firing. Just gone.

January 3, 2011  03:49 PM ET

Fox will not be offered a contract next year so he was "fired" or more correctly simply let go.

January 3, 2011  04:05 PM ET

I didn't know that. I'm sure he will wind up on a team somewhere, maybe the 49ers? I know Fox had an awful year with Carolina but sometimes people need a new environment to be successful. Yes, Marvin Lewis, how can he possibly hang onto his job? Cable? I thought the Raiders played better this year. I'll bet he gets one more year.

The rumours are that Cable will be out and everyone will know for sure that the Raiders are back to their odd ways again. I think any coach that goes undeafted in his division should be kept on.

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January 3, 2011  04:52 PM ET

Still early.

January 3, 2011  04:57 PM ET

Frazier is now the permanent HC for the Vikings...Saw that one coming. But s still very quiet on the NFL front.

January 3, 2011  05:02 PM ET

Fox might be a great fit in Denver...he is used to unorthadox QBs so Tebow wont faze him one bit. I still think Gruden is the odds on favorite to take the Denver job.

January 3, 2011  05:03 PM ET

I would like Cowher...but I dont think that ship is coming in.

January 3, 2011  05:33 PM ET

I'd like to see Fox in Dallas next year. The guy's a winner!

Word on the street is that Garrett will assume the "real" HC title.

January 3, 2011  07:47 PM ET

I figured Coughlin would be gone, but not yet.

January 3, 2011  11:49 PM ET

Garrett might be okay but I'd prefer a more disciplined head coach.

I agree...but Jimmy Johnson's are hard to come by. ;)

January 4, 2011  09:27 AM ET

I agree...but Jimmy Johnson's are hard to come by. ;)

Garrett was the back up QB during Johnson's reign, remember? Being an Ivy school graduate, he should have learned something from Johnson. We will see......:-)

January 4, 2011  12:24 PM ET

Tuesday AM and still very quiet...Jim Harbaugh looks like the real deal at Stanford and will make a great coach in the NFL. Andrew Luck looked outstadning until the VT defense got into his face then he threw a couple of passes into coverage and behind recievers. The NFL will be full of D-lines that will bring pressure and he needs to learn to throw passes with defenders crashing down onto him. He looked great a vast majority of the game. A little like Peyton...finding the open receivers almost effortlessly.

January 5, 2011  10:37 AM ET

The Raiders have made the whack-a-do move of the year by "firing" Cable after going 6-0 in the division and having the first non-losing record for the Raiders in recent memory. It is moves like this that comforts me as a Broncos fan, regardless of record the Broncos are not the most dysfunctional organization in the AFC West. The Raiders once again own that title. Welcome to the looney bin Hue Jackson, your seat will be secure until someone (like yourself) begins to undermine you to gain favor with the clown owner. Then you will be out in a few years and the troll that sold you out will take your place. Remember that den of thieves thing and no honor?

January 5, 2011  11:11 AM ET

......or maybe he worked for an owner that was too ''cheap'' to ~fire~ him .

CORRECT...or an owner that is in over his head...which leaves hope that he will miss on the draft's first pick and select some kicker from North Dakota leaving Luck to the Broncos to select at #2.

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