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January 4, 2011, 06:19 PM
Many people are saying that a lockout is inevitable for the 2011-2012 season. What impact will it have on the NBA, players, fans.. and in general, America? Also, if there is a lockout, who would be to blame?
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January 5, 2011  02:35 PM ET

I remembered the lockout in 99', the effect it had on fans. It took a while for the NBA to win it's fans back. Now, once again they can't come to an agreement and just like 12 years ago, I'm sure the NBA will have another lock out. However, I think this time, the NBA will take a bigger hit from its fanbase.

In regards to how it will effect the players, I think a player that will take the biggest hit from this would be Kobe Bryant. Knowing Kobe's competitiveness, and now recently reaching the 10th all-time scoring leader in NBA history, this will slow down his attempt to become the leading scorer of all-time, not to mention that he is only getting older. Of course, injuries and how his knees hold up throughout the rest of his career also have it's say to whether Kobe can reach this goal.

January 8, 2011  12:53 AM ET

can't deal with it! get back to work kids.

January 11, 2011  06:30 PM ET

I can envision a lot of players... (especially superstars like LeBron, Kobe and Durant) trying to expand their brand by expanding to Europe. This could end ugly for the NBA!

January 28, 2011  10:40 PM ET

I envision pleasantries with the thought of a walk out/lock out. Could be the best thing for small market teams. The outstanding players and those on the opposite spectrum will lose the most for the players. The only thing I don't look forward to is the media writing about what team leBron will go when the walkout/lockout is over.

January 30, 2011  11:02 AM ET

Considering the recent rise in popularity with the renewal of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry along with the recent interest in the conglomerate of superstars the Heat are putting together, I'm not sure the NBA wants to have happen what happened after the last lockout. They took a fairly significant hit in popularity which will undoubtedly happen again if no agreement is reached. No average Joe cares about a millionaires squabble with a billionaire. Figure it out and play basketball.

February 22, 2011  07:34 PM ET

See what happened to the NHL a few years back? Yep...


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