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January 5, 2011, 07:43 PM
Another year another blog about my unsolicited and unwanted draft advice to all 32 franchises starting at numbers 1 - 8. Here's who they should take.

1. Carolina - Andrew Luck - In this case the pundits are right on the money. The Panthers should take Luck. They have a solid o-line and running game, that spells success for a talented rookie qb. So what happened to Jimmy Clausen, a combination of injuries, unmotivated coaching, and the overall crappiness of Clausen. Chances are things will be much better for Luck. (fingers crossed) Of course there's a good chance that San Fran and Carolina do a kind of Manning for Rivers trade this year.

2. Denver - Mark Ingram - Everyone's talking Patrick Peterson or Nick Fairley. Whoever is the next HC of the Broncos needs to make a splash fast and the D will continue to suck even with Peterson or Fairley. Best chance of making an immediate impact is to draft to your strengths not not your weaknesses and Denver has some strengths on offense. AJ Green would make a ton of sense here as well as he'd be paired with Brandon Lloyd. But Knowshon Moreno has been No Show in two years and the best friend a young QB can have is a strong running game. This IS high for Ingram so if they can work out a trade that doesn't put them below the Dolphins that might be the ideal situation.

3. Buffalo - Nick Fairley - I have a feeling they're going to do something stupid like take Cam Newton 3rd overall. But really they should heed the pundits and add some beef to their anemic 3-4 defense. AJ Green also makes sense (see above) But in the AFC East you need someone who can stuff the Dolphin and Jet rushing attack and sack Tom Brady. Fairley fits both bills.

4. Cincinnati - Da'Quan Bowers - or AJ Green. Cincy actually has a lot strength on paper. Whether it will show up on the field in 2011 is another matter. After benching Ochocinco and putting TO on IR the passing game came alive. Green would make an excellent addition. But on the other side they play in the AFC North where defense rules. Bowers would team with Carlos Dunlap to give them a dominant DE combo to go with their excellent CBs.

5. Arizona - AJ Green - Green finally lands in the desert. Forget defense. The Cards were contenders because of their passing attack. They can probably get Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb. But they need another outstanding WR alongside Larry Fitzgerald to really soar again. Wisenhunt wants the Cards to be the Steelers West, but this year showed just how far away they are from that. There's no time to fully remake the team and there's no need, not when you play in the NFC West and 7-9 will get you a home playoff game.

6. Cleveland - Patrick Peterson - Colt McCoy could use more weapons but again AFC North means buckle up your chin straps. GM Tom Hekert likes to build his defenses from the CB position inward. This draft is perfect for that formula. Look for the Browns to take the best CB at this position and go after big run stuffers later on.

7. San Francisco - Ryan Mallet - This is probably a trade but if they can't work something out with the Panthers they'll take the next best signal caller on the board. As a team they are set up for QB success. It's a measure of how much Alex Smith stinks that he couldn't take advantage.

8. Tennessee - Cam Newton - Vince Young is gone, long live Vince Young. The Jeff Fisher VY power struggle has ended and now the Titans need another signal caller. I don't know if that QB is Newton but at this point the irony is just too delicious. They either draft a QB or make a deal for one. There's a possibility Philly and the Titans do a VY for Kevin Kolb swap. In which case look for the Titans to grab Marcel Dareus to shore up their front seven.
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January 6, 2011  10:32 PM ET

Don't say unwanted HGT. Your insight is appreciated, and has been missed these last several weeks. Don't be a stranger!


I meant unwanted by GMs. They never listen to me ;-)

January 6, 2011  10:59 PM ET

Looks like we can take Luck off the board, he's staying at Stanford. That'll make things interesting!

January 7, 2011  12:19 AM ET

Plus Fairley and Newton havn't declared. Newton isn't going to go into the draft. He will be back on the Plains next year.

January 8, 2011  03:20 PM ET

Plus Fairley and Newton havn't declared. Newton isn't going to go into the draft. He will be back on the Plains next year.

Would Newton declare if they beat Oregon? Yes. So the answer is no Newton won't declare.


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