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January 6, 2011, 11:41 AM
Jay Cutler has never been on a winning team since high school, he throws too many ints, he is sacked too much, he's too stupid. Urlacher, Briggs and Peppers are too old and the rest of the Bears D just isn't good enough. The Bears don't have a quality RB, or a go to WR etc. etc. etc. Bear crap, I for one am so tired of all these haters and am proud of what the Bears have accomplished. I think with any luck at all the Bears can make it to the Super Bowl and if so anything is possible then. This Bear team has remarkable balance and at one time or another this season every part of this team has shined. What's going to happen who knows?? So enjoy it Bear fans and hate it Bear haters for the Bears are in the Playoffs whether you like it or not!!!!
January 6, 2011  11:50 AM ET

Well, aren't you just the face of good cheer?!?!

January 6, 2011  12:05 PM ET

Actually, I haven't seen many Bears haters here. There's less Cowboys haters here than is normal, too. There's lots of Steelers and Pats haters tho.

But, that's just me. Maybe I'm not hanging on the right threads or something?

January 6, 2011  06:32 PM ET

We have had less and less haters as the season goes on and the Bears have won more and more games. There are still too many haters and I'm not just talking about Bear haters but all haters. Sorry sweets but that's just my way of saying I told you so to all the haters. I have a thing against haters. Not discussers but haters and to me there is a huge difference. There is no reason for people not to act civilized just because we are anonomous here at these types of sites. No one deserves to be called derorogitory names just because of their play or lack of on the field or what ever. But you are very right bull_shirt most of the haters have moved on or just won't comment against a winning team!!! Go BEARS!!!

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January 6, 2011  07:01 PM ET

I know what you mean about haters. There are too many Packer haters here.

There are 2 teams I cannot stand. Neither is the Bears or the Packers. Anyone wanna take a guess who they are? Cuz' I don't think I've ever made any "hater" posts about any teams.

January 6, 2011  07:19 PM ET

Yes, I'd really like to know Sweets!

I'm not a hater that's why I don't usually bring it up BUT....I really don't care for the Broncos or the Patriots. :)

You still won't catch me hatin' on them though.

January 6, 2011  11:12 PM ET

I love to razz the Packers and always want to beat them to a pulp. But I will never want anyone hurt or hate them enough to send them to hell etc. I do my best to respectfully keep the rivalry going but hating is rediculus and only destroys the hater. Proof is in my wanting to have the NFC North send two teams this year and 3 next. May we see an NFC North NFC Championship game and you know who go on to the Super Bowl. Go BEARS!!!

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January 7, 2011  09:40 AM ET

Give the Bears and Cutler another year and draft and we could have a better all around offense than Saint Louis did. Notice I said all around meaning that the Rams didn't have to run the ball in the winter months like we have to. Marshall would not have been effective that way. At least no way near as effective as Forte has been. Plus our Wr's are faster but we really could use a big possession type to be added this off season. I just tremble at the idea of a lock out though.

January 7, 2011  09:41 AM ET

how do you post a picture?

January 7, 2011  11:38 AM ET

how do you post a picture?


I haven't been able to do it since it changed a few months ago. Sorry. :(

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January 7, 2011  01:29 PM ET

I think the Bears have done well in taking advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. The 2 seed in no way is an indication that the Bears are the second best team in the NFC simply is an indication that of the four divisions in the NFC the Bears were the 2nd best division winner. Atlanta and New Orleans are two teams that are more complete football teams than the Bears are. The O line of the Bears will be the first thing every team the Bears will face in the playoffs will attack. The schemes that Tice and Martz created to limit the amount of exposure for the Bear's line worked against lesser teams, but we will see if it will work against teams that can bring pressure. I am not hating on the Bears...simply stating fact...I cant see the Bears getting past teams like Atlanta or New Orleans and if they do manage to go to the Super Bowl, I cant see them beating any of the teams from the AFC (with the exception of KC). I hope the Bears prove me wrong, I would like to see them go all the way...but I just dont think they have the team to do it.

January 8, 2011  01:25 PM ET

You may be right JohnDenver but I'm still going to root for the Bears for as long as they can go. Super Bowl or not. I do think the Bears will make a run at it though. I think with another draft they will be a better team and who knows could be starting a ..... DYNASTY.... If they can make good on fixing a few flaws that they currently have, mostly OL. Which as most people know that picking up one or two new starters during an off season can usually be done. The key thing is we have most of the skill players we need and more importantly a coaching staff that can coach if Lovie stays out of their way and doesn't make any of his bonehead stupid decisions. Don't worry I'm not going to start. lol. GO BEARS!!!

January 8, 2011  01:39 PM ET

One last thing though, I've tried to stay out of this but I think it's time to go to field turf at Soldiers Field. (I think my spelling is correct. Sorry if it's wrong. No offense meant.) If anyone wants to remember, the 85 bears had astro turf and good footing. Yes it was cold then too, but having no footing will kill this team's DL and skill positions.

January 8, 2011  01:39 PM ET

The Bears are a good team but I don't think they are near to being a dynasty. They have way too many areas of weakness that have been covered up by probably the best special teams unit in the NFL. Take away that unit and the Bears are just an average team.

Take way N.E. offense and you have an average team...

January 8, 2011  01:47 PM ET

Management should have invested more money into a good playing surface. They seem to be willing to sign high priced free agents but ignore more important things.

Management doesn't control the field. The city of Chicago does.

January 8, 2011  02:02 PM ET

I wouldn't call the Patriots defense or special teams weak. Their offense is just so explosive that people tend to downgrade their other units.

I dunno, 25th in the league for ranked defense isn't really proving much, as well as their ST being ranked 30th on opponent kick off returns and 24th for their own return average.

January 8, 2011  02:29 PM ET

My overal point wasn't N.E. It was that teams are just that; A TEAM! It takes all sides of the ball to win. Some sections of the tea may be stronger, but overall you need them all to perform.

The bear utilize their ST and Def more effectively than their offense. N.E., as my example, use their Offense more effectively than their defense and ST.

January 8, 2011  10:13 PM ET

Yes the Bears are quite a ways from a dynasty especially since they haven't won their first Super Bowl but what I was menaing more was they would be a team that would challenge for the Super Bowl year after year after they get their OL problems solved.


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