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January 12, 2011, 01:32 PM
It appears now that Champ Bailey is NOT interested in going back to Denver...he also said that he would like to move to Saftey to prolong his career.

Here is what I know:

Jerry has money.

We were 29th in Defense and gave up the most passing TD's in the league and club history.

Terrence Newman is going to be 33yrs old to start next season.

With Champ Bailey and Nnamdi Asomugha available, Dallas can make a splash.

This could play out several ways...

Dallas could cut Newman and move on, while signing BOTH Bailey and Asomugha, using Champ at Free, that would cost some big bucks for sure.

More realistically is that Dallas keeps Newman, and signs either of the available free agents...then moves one of them to saftey.

A Secondary of Asomugha and Jenkins at Corner, with Newman and Sensabaugh at Saftey is quite impressive.

OR ... Newman and Jenkins at CB with Champ and Sensabaugh behind them.

If Dallas could pull this off...that would allow them to draft a pass rusher at the top of the board or go with an Offensive Lineman.

I still think the Linemen available grade out slightly lower than where Dallas picks, which could mean a trade down of several spots.

If Dallas does NOT make a run at either of these players I will be GREATLY disappointed.

January 12, 2011  01:36 PM ET

Heck, I didn't even consider that Dallas could sign Champ or Nnmandi, then STILL draft Peterson or Amukumara...

Amukumara, Asomugha and Jenkins at Corner...Newman, Sensabaugh at Saftey??

Once again....if Jerry and Jason make a move, they can fix the Secondary in 1 season.

Move Dallas from 29th to about 14th in D plus keep the O in the Top 10 and Dallas wins 10 games next season...

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January 12, 2011  03:08 PM ET

Well...where does Jerry get the credit for their success?

If you are going to blame him for their failures, you can not give the success to the coaches he had when they won....especially since he has had the same relationship with every head coach who has worked for him...

IE...the coach has say so on what comes and goes but JJ makes the final decision...its been that way since Jimmy Johnson came and went.

And since it has been that way, Jerry has done an ok good job.

in 21 years as the owner of the Cowboys, they have had 14 winning seasons, produced 8 NFC East Titles and made the playoffs 12 times...ultimately winning 3 titles.

Granted, the success of the 90's gave him a lot of that, but candidly, Dallas mis-managed their cap money just like Dan Snyder is doing in Washington today...difference is, that produced the Aikmans, Emmitt's and Irvin's of the world...with a sprinkle of Deion Sanders.

By mismanaging the cap, we paid for it badly when Irvin went down and then Aikman abruptly retired, leaving them with millions and millions of dead cap space that we couldn't use.

Mix in some bad hires when you mention Chan Gailey and Dave Campo and that sums up most of the bad years. Joey Galloway's trade didn't help either, but that was Jerry making a big move to get Aikman that Top Wr he needed...Joey gets hurt and boom....its over....

Jerry gambles...and personally, I like that.

He doesn't always hit on them ... the Galloway trade, Roy Williams come to mind...

But then, you have the Herschel Walker deal that built the 90's Cowboys...

Maybe you do not like him? Who knows? But, it is VERY hard to stay on top season after season in the NFL and the fact they had a bad season fell on his shoulders, but lets not look past the fact that this very same team won 10 games last year and a playoff game.

You do not go bad over night...the ball just didn't bounce the right way for them this season.

Give them new energy with Garrett, a new draft, free agency and lets see what happens.

January 14, 2011  10:16 AM ET

Heck, I didn't even consider that Dallas could sign Champ or Nnmandi, then STILL draft Peterson or Amukumara...

I'm just hoping that Amukumara drops to 9. With the number of top prospects deciding to stay in school, I get the feeling he will be gone at 9.

January 14, 2011  01:19 PM ET

Yup...very, very possible that Dallas trades down due to their spot...most of the players that are worthy of that pick are not positions of need...

The Corners are about it....very possible Dallas gets a Lineman too...

Free Agency prior to the draft will really dictate it for sure.


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