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January 22, 2011, 04:36 AM
First I have to say I'm PROUD to root for the NFC North. None of the "Predicters" predicted this, Chicago vs Green Bay at Chicago for the Championship. Plus the Lions finished with a 4 (yes four) game winning streak one of which was against GB!!!! Our division is clearly on the way up (Minnesota isn't too far away either.) so we if nothing else should feel proud that our division has already won the NFC Championship. Granted the Bears and Packers BOTH need OL help but they have both found a way to overcome such handycaps to be able to get here. I predict the Bears to win 31-17, but will explain later, now it's your turn. Who will win, by what score, and why? Go BEARS!!! Ps. If anyone (especially Lions and Minnesota fans) want to talk about next year go ahead!!!
January 22, 2011  06:19 AM ET

I like your prediction...BEARS WIN!

January 22, 2011  07:19 AM ET

I think it's great to see the Bears playing so well this year. However, given the Pack's defense and Aaron Rodgers' play of late, I can't pick against them. I think they go all the way to the Super Bowl and win it.

January 22, 2011  07:39 AM ET

Packers 28 Bears 17.The Packers are playing really well right now and I dont see it stopping in Chicago.

January 22, 2011  07:48 AM ET

All defense with a safety thrown in for good measure..........Packers 19 Bears 13....

January 22, 2011  07:53 AM ET

I love the spirit of ???bearsfan6522009???! I am so old school. I am a Packer Fan and of course I want to see the Packers win, but I think in reality it is either a ???too close to call??? game or a lopsided victory for either team. It???s the old Black & Blue division, which translates to low scores, hard hitting and games close to the end???could this be? One thing for sure, whoever wins this game I think will win the Super Bowl

Now to ???bearsfan6522009??? comment ??? He has it right, one thing can be said about the North Division fans, and as old school as it sounds, and if my Packers are defeated, you can bet your **** I will be rooting for the Bears to win it all. That???s what makes teams and their fans in the North Division dreaded by all other NFL teams, the fan base and support is unmatched. ???bearsfan6522009??? is right, we (the fans of the North Division) have already won the NFC, after this game, we move on and win the Super Bowl. May the best team win!! As yet today I can still say ???GO PACK GO???!

Try living in Arizona as a Packer Fan. I get it all the time, ???why back the Packers when we have the Cardinals???? I simply state, once a Packer Fan, once a North Division Fan, always a fan. Out here there are few Cardinal Fans when they are bad, and only fair weathered fans when they are good. That is crap I can live without. I have backed my Pack and the North Division all my life, since I started watching them in 1960 (great years and crappy years ??? I stuck with em), and I will be this way until I am taking a dirt nap!


January 22, 2011  07:55 AM ET

Ooops - One more thing, Pack wins, and there will be no more than 30 points scored. It's gonna be cold!

January 22, 2011  07:56 AM ET

So quotation marks are converted to 3 questions marks...nice!!

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January 22, 2011  12:42 PM ET


January 22, 2011  12:48 PM ET

As a Vikings fan, this is the worst case scenario. WTF am I supposed to do tomorrow???


Good luck to both teams. I don't care who the winner is.

January 22, 2011  12:57 PM ET

been a bear fan 45yrs. win or lose will die a bear fan. with all the hype surronding the cheeseheads da bears will definitly be hungry for fondue. Forte will kick it up a notch and score winning td. BEARS WIN 16-10!!!!

January 22, 2011  01:59 PM ET

Packer all the way!

January 22, 2011  04:13 PM ET

Bears and Jets

January 22, 2011  04:48 PM ET

The Steelers should beat the Jets in Pittsburgh. When the Jets beat them there a few weeks ago they were without Troy and Heap. I expect that game to be close but the Steelers take it. The Packers are on fire right now and I'm not buying the argument that the Turf will slow them down. the Packers play in very similar weather conditions at lambeau and although the field is better maintained, I expect a marginal difference in the teams performance. The Packers have to be mindful that the Bears strip the ball better than any other defense, they must protect the ball, if they do that, I think this game will get away from the Bears in the fourth quarter, it will be close up to that point, Pack pulls away at the end. 26 to to 16.

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January 23, 2011  07:28 AM ET

The Bears are going to run and pass to their tight ends. Then when that opens up their Wr's they will play action to Johnny Knox to get two TDs on long bombs. Final score Chicago 31- Green Bay 17!!!! It will be over mid 3rd quarter. Go BEARS!!!

January 23, 2011  08:17 AM ET

I've said before that the reason the Packers were making so many "stupid" penalties were because the Bears were causing them to. By beating their ol men of the line so they jumped offsides and held. Take those "stupid" penalties off the record and they didn't have that many. I expect more of the same today. We just have the best front 7 defensive players in the NFL!!! Go BEARS!!!

January 23, 2011  08:18 AM ET

Very couragous JackStrawIII lol.

January 23, 2011  10:40 AM ET

The Bears. Unless the Packers win.

LOL.........I don't really have a horse in this race. Mine was put out to pasture mid season.

January 23, 2011  02:29 PM ET

I feel the staunch presence of both George Halas and Walter Payton today.


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