January 24, 2011, 01:26 AM
Dateline...2010 NFL preseason: Roethlisberger out 6 games, no hope for Steelers
Picked to finish 3rd in competitive AFCN....Roethlisberger trade talks?..... Santonio Holmes "given away" by Steelers for 5th round draft pick....

Forward to late season: Ravens favored in 2nd AFCN matchup.....Ravens favored in playoff rematch after destroying Chiefs........ Jets look unbeatable after dismantling Pats..........

Here it is, just after the AFC/NFC Championship games, and already the media has crowned the Packers as the next SB champions. Aaron Rodgers is the next Tom Brady and "the most dangerous player in the playoffs" according to SI....

All the while, what has Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers done? To coin a phrase by Al Davis...."just win, baby" Once again, we see the media fawning over the next Johnny-come-lately ( Rodgers ), while dismissing the boys in Black and Gold. But hey, they ARE right.....we didn't beat Brady. But we did basically OWN the team that made Brady look pathetic... for almost 3 qtrs, before a few mistakes allowed them an inkling of hope.....then slammed the door shut!

I hope that the Packer bandwagon runs long and loud, right up to the SB, continuously reminding us that the Steelers aren't in the SAME LEAGUE as GB.
Yup, hope that gets to be as annoying to me as I KNOW it will the Steelers players................;)
January 24, 2011  02:20 AM ET

as a Packers fan i hate it, but try to not let it bother me. for some reason i get really nervous when all the "experts" pick green bay to win anything, lol...good luck to your Steelers and congratulations on making it to the SB!

January 24, 2011  04:14 AM ET

AK6; quality win against the Bears Sunday...congrats! See ya' in 2 weeks!

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January 24, 2011  11:06 AM ET

I hope Peter King's prediction in the Sept. 6th issue stays strong. I will bow down and kiss his feet if his prediction is correct. I thought he had smoked to much dope the day he wrote that...LOL. Don't get me wrong, as a Steeler fan I want them to win the whole thing, but with everything that was going on before the season started I was going to be surprised if they won their division.

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January 24, 2011  03:50 PM ET

I can't see that happening. This is going to be one tough game, but the Steelers experience will be the difference. Well, that and five or six Aaron Rodgers sacks.

It's going to be a very tough game. Here's hoping for 8 or 9 sacks! ;)

January 24, 2011  03:50 PM ET

Packers by 8

Please keep rooting against the Steelers, by no means do we want you jinxing them!

January 24, 2011  06:10 PM ET

2 points isn't much of a spread.... try being 17 point

It's going to be a close game, really coming down to Labeau vs Cappers!!!

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January 24, 2011  08:19 PM ET

Two Excellent Teams to be in the S.B.!!!

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January 24, 2011  09:06 PM ET

QUOTE (#3): "Characterizing Aaron Rodgers as a Johnny-come-lately seems a bit silly. He's been in the League many years and that guy led his team to an NFC Championship and has earned a spot amongst the game's current elite quarterbacks by his consistent play on the field. True that he has not yet won a SB (or 2, like Ben has), but Rodgers deserves every bit of pub he gets, imo."

ripper: My point about Rodgers is that he has played 3 seasons as a starter and before this year, had exactly 1 playoff game experience ( lost ). I'm not saying that he isn't a good QB, but REALLY? What does that make Roethlisberger in comparison? Saying Rodgers is an "elite" NFL QB would be like saying Roethisberger is a HOFer right now.....Check the FACTS: Roethlisberger's 10-2 playoff record is second ONLY to Bart Starr's at 9-1. Ben has 2 SB rings, and with a third will tie with the fabled Tom Brady, who NEVER won a SB game with his play directly ( all NE's wins came courtesy of Adam Vinatieri's foot ).

Did you see the NFCC game against the Bears this weekend? Aside from a well executed opening drive, Rodgers was anything but impressive and pretty much disappeared in the 2nd half. If not for an ill-timed throw by their 3rd STRING QB, resulting in a pick-six that put the Packers up 21-7, the Bears very likely knot the game up at 14-ALL and who knows how it ends?

So, yeah, compared to Manning, Brady, Roethlisberger.....Rodgers IS a "Johnny-come-lately" and IMHO, not a "silly" observation at all.

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