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January 24, 2011, 05:36 PM
Cal fans were led to believe that Ludwig who had been Utahs OC was an up and coming offensive genius. Truth is Utah didn't need Ludwig and Cals found out the hard way that Ludwig did nothing to improve their offense, some would say his play calling only stifled the true potential of the players and they will hopefully be better off without him. Since Aaron Rodgers the Cal offense has needed a QB and an offense geared toward emphasizing the passing attact, they seem to get a steady flow of NFL bound RB's and WR's. Cal got rid of defensive coordinator Bob Gregory last year and the defense flourished under Clancy Pendergast right away. The question is who will do the play calling now that Ludwig is gone? Whomever Tedford choses to be his next offensive coordinator will be the move of Jeff Tedfords career. If he can't sign a decent play caller the supposed QB guru Tedford may have to give up his cushy job as the State of California's highest paid public employee.
January 25, 2011  07:43 AM ET

SDSU has a fairly typical offense with some pretty good skill players at QB/RB coming back. This guy should be able to step in and run it easy enough.

As for CAL, they are in a big rut and look to finish no higher than 3rd in their P12 division next year regardless of who they get as OC. How can anyone pick them ahead or Oregon or Stanford?

February 19, 2011  10:56 PM ET

If Cal improves in the next 2 years then it was Ludwig. If Cal can't produce a passing game then all the blame will be directed at Tedford. Cal keeps turning out high quality RB's, the question is can they produce a passing game. Riley had a decent arm but was a knucklehead. Tedford in the next 2 years has to allow competition at QB, he tends to favor Seniors, Brock Mansion will be the only Senior QB and from the little bit that we saw of him last year things do not look good unless he has some fantastic turnaround. Tedford is the only college coach to have 2 QB's win a Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers and Trent Dilfer. Cal had the #1 defense in the Pac-10 last year, #18 in the country despite being on the field an incredible amount of time due to a stagnant offense. Teams knew if they stopped the run Cal's passing game was inept, lacking imagination. Cal has been terrible on the road the past 2 years, they are up and down failing to stay motivated. They had 2 players that were pre season Heisman hopefuls DeShaun Jackson and Jahvid Best and Cal was even ranked in the Top 20 in the preseason for 3 years, only to play well below expectations and not even end up in the Top 25. The last 2 years under Ludwig Cal got blown out in the Poinsettia Bowl by his former college Utah and last year they never were invited, in reality they never should have been invited to the Poinsettia Bowl. The last 2 years Cal has had some of the top recruiting classes in the country. Like I keep repeating, the only thing holding back this team is the offense. Is it HC, OC, or QB that is the question. With their old Offensive line/ Offensive coordinator coach(Michalczik) back after a stint in the NFL will he or Tedford call the plays and will it include passing?

February 22, 2011  11:47 AM ET

2 years is a good measuring stick. I could see CAL being #2 in the division after Oregon in 2012.


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