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January 26, 2011, 03:43 PM
Of coarse it always depends on who is on the table at the time. I think that if CB Patrick Peterson (LSU) is there at #7 they will pick him, if not their are 4 possible other scenarios in order: Robert Quinn (UNC), Cameron Jordon(Cal), Prince Amukamura (Neb), and if none of these players are there then they will probably look to trade down. In the second round they may think about a QB, CB, WR, DE. I think that David Carr is in the best position to be the 49ers QB next year since he is the only one signed and in the clubhouse right now. This will enable him to to get a jump start on all other potentials. It won't make much sense to trade for a QB or even think about a free agent if the CBA is not settled before the draft, then the 49ers will most certainly use their second pick for a QB. The way Jake Locker is practicing at the Senior Bowl ( pretty bad ) he most likely will now drop to the second or third round.
January 27, 2011  12:49 AM ET

I know this is more than likely a drunken statement, but who knows, maybe Harbaugh can coach up David Carr and get him to play to his potential. Carr was a good QB that developed into a bad one due to being a tackling dummy in Houston and ever since has been more worried about looking for that guy closing in to knock the **** out of him rather than looking for his WRs. I know there is a -45% chance he will develop into a good solid starting QB even for a couple of years, but it has happened, look at Tommy Maddox. He was a late

Off to take another shot...LOL :)

January 27, 2011  11:02 AM ET

Only Carr can answer the question of whether or not he even wants to play football. Is he content to receive a paycheck for sitting on the bench? Is there anything he can contribute to the upbringing of a new franchise QB? The same qualities that Rodgers possesses also can be seen in Andrew Luck (Stanford). One thing that seems to be missing in Jake Locker (Washington) is self assuredness and competitiveness (desire), it could be that it was the fact that he played on a terrible team. It will be interesting to see if Joe Montana's son will start at Washington next year.

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January 27, 2011  12:02 PM ET

Joe Montana has a son? I didn't know that.

He has 2 one is at Notre Dame and one is at Washington. Both play QB and Basketball. Nate the older son will be a Senior at Notre Dame and Nick his younger brother will be in his second year at Washington, I don't know if he redshirted or not. Nick is the most talented from what I hear, but Nate is a better basketball player. Will Nate ever get to play at Notre Dame? If not will he get any attention from the pros and be a walk on like Matt Cassel who never played in college either?

January 27, 2011  12:54 PM ET

Taylor Mays wonders why he fell to the second round. The reason is quit clear he needed and still needs work. The Taylor we had hoped for will develop remarkably over the next 2 seasons though with the proper coaching. Here is a guy that can't afford a lock out.

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January 27, 2011  01:37 PM ET

Will there even be a 2011 season?

We need your response about that subject. There is a thread already established by yours truly. Fans need to voice there opinions, March 3rd will be the lockout date. 35 days away and no sign that either side is willing to negotiate. I guess it is appropriate that this topic will not be discussed till after the Super Bowl by players and management but for fans they can speed up talks and maybe prevent a walk out with their opinions.

January 28, 2011  01:11 PM ET

Don't you just love Mock Drafts, they change their minds as often as a snowstorm hits the Northeast.

January 28, 2011  10:54 PM ET


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January 28, 2011  11:42 PM ET

Peterson or the Price with the first of them will be available...DL in the second round and trade the 3rd or 4th round pick to the Broncos for Brady Quinn...quarenteed Harbaugh could make a stud out of him!!! We still need a RB with some lights-out speed to mix things about Reggie Bush??? You know he'd love to come back to Cali! I'd trade our second rounder for him in a heart-beat!!! If we could pull one of the 2 DB's in the first and hook Reggie and Brady, we'd be SET! Orton or Kolb wouldn't be bad, but probably too high of a price in draft picks...

January 29, 2011  12:27 AM ET


I'm so sick of these unproven, unsuccessful QB's getting so much hype out of college when the QB's thats winning the Championships in college get dumped on (with the exception of Jamarcus Russell). Guys like Sanchez, Bradford, Stanford, Alex Smith, allowed to struggle and never have to sweat being benched, unless their performance just becomes unbareable (Alex Smith)..Winners like Vince Young (benched at the drop of a hat), Tim Tebow (they say he can't pass, too big, yet a multi Champion), Troy Smith (too short, never given a fair shot, bounced around, 50% as a starter though only with the team for a short period, should be starting right now for the Ravens), McElroy(he's a national champion, a proven WINNER), Cam Newton(National Champion, Heisman Throphy, hell every QB throphy this year, yet he's not the top QB in the draft) Yes, there are diamonds in the rough but not everyone is a Big Ben or a Tom Brady...But damn can some of these Champions get a FAIR

January 29, 2011  02:20 AM ET

I think Cam Newton has a couple of things going against him that will lower him in the draft. 1. He's Young 2. He has an overbearing father that can't keep his nose out of his kids career, with his fathers high appraisal of his son will he drive Newton away from signing because he will be asking for the world for his kid. 3. He won the Heisman Trophy, is it a jinx? There have been many a QB Heisman but only 2 have won a Super Bowl and the last one to do it was Jim Plunkett ( By the way, still not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame). 4. Inconsistent in his accuracy, will he be willing to learn or take the money and run.

January 29, 2011  01:04 PM ET

So if the 49ers were to draft a QB in the second round whom would you take? I just looked at a little poll at NinerNation, Colin Kaepernick seems to be the favorite over Jake Locker. I like Colin and Jake both, the question is which of the 2 does Harbaugh thinks he can work with. Locker has had injury problems in the past, mostly due to a porous offensive line at Washington. Kaepernick appears to be a thin string bean that would get busted in 2 after the first tackle, yet I was impressed by his play when I watched him play. To me the most interesting thing about the draft is when highly touted players start to fall to lower rounds.

January 30, 2011  02:05 AM ET

Of the QB's I saw in the Senior Bowl I'd say that Ponder stood out. Was it because the cornerback on the North was 15 yards off the line of scrimmage? That probably helped a little, but a couple of his passes were truly professional in that the timing of the pass as the receiver broke on his route was perfect. The sad part was that when the North corners sat so far back it made them look really bad. This game seemed more of a promotion of Mobile Alabama than of young football talent. From all those Mobile promotional ads it seems like this town lives off of big military contracts.

January 30, 2011  10:45 PM ET

Ponder is comparable to a poor man's Luck in my opinion. Im sure Harbaugh sees this and can take him in the 2nd while bolstering the defense in the 1st round.

January 30, 2011  11:24 PM ET

Looks like Kolb might be available. I think the Niners have to at least see what the Eagles want for him.

January 31, 2011  02:45 AM ET

Ponder is comparable to a poor man's Luck in my opinion. Im sure Harbaugh sees this and can take him in the 2nd while bolstering the defense in the 1st round.

I agree 2nd round should be used for a QB. I do think the 49ers should be making plans for Carr to start the season though.


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