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January 29, 2011, 11:57 AM
NORTH HUNTINGDON TWP, Pa. -- It seems as though each time the Steelers win a Super Bowl, the Baumgartner family of North Huntingdon gets a little bigger.
Adam Baumgartner, a math and science teacher in the Norwin School District, told Channel 4 Action News reporter Jennifer Miele that he recently realized each member of his family had been born during a year in which the Steelers held the Lombardi Trophy.
Baumgartner teaches at Hillcrest Intermediate School. He was born in January 1979 when Pittsburgh won Super Bowl XIII.

The Baumgartners
His wife, Trish, was born in January 1980, when the Steelers won Super Bowl XIV.
Daughters Alaina, 4, and Sarah, 2, were born in 2006 and 2009, when the Steelers won Super Bowls XL and XLIII.
To carry on the tradition, the Baumgartners are hoping for another Pittsburgh victory in Super Bowl XLV. The couple's third girl is due the weekend of the big game against the Green Bay Packers -- and the Baumgartners said they may name her Destiny if the Steelers win.
What happens if Trish Baumgartner goes into labor and has to be rushed to the hospital on Super Bowl Sunday?
Her husband jokingly said, "It's going to be tough. I told her she knows the way."
Adam Baumgartner teaches sixth-graders at Hillcrest Intermediate School. He sometimes uses football examples -- like running back Rashard Mendenhall -- to help students relate to the material.
"If he ran for 121 yards in rushing, how many feet are in a yard? And so on and so forth," he said.
Baumgartner's also doing his best to spread the super spirit in class.
"I have my Terrible Towel up there. I brought it into school today to show it to the kids. I've had that since Super Bowl XXX. Ever since then, it's brought us good luck," he said.
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January 29, 2011  07:29 PM ET


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January 30, 2011  03:04 PM ET

Kids in 6th grade are only then learning how to convert yards into feet? That is a shame, that explains why children in the US rank behind so many countries academically. I suppose he is also teaching his kids that evolution is not something they need to learn about and that the world is flat and Columbus discovered America. My question is what will happen to the kid if the Steelers lose? Adoption would probably be the best solution, otherwise the kid will grow up being ridiculed by the rest of the family as the loser Baumgartner, this will then lead to that kid someday grabbing the family gun and killing his family or his/her self.

January 30, 2011  03:09 PM ET

From the title on the thread I was looking for something more interesting like a mother who had her first baby when the Steelers won their 1st Super Bowl and was getting knocked up again at age 75 or so with her 7th kid.

January 30, 2011  03:15 PM ET

No Chicago Cubs Fans can make that kind of statement, I'm surprised that more people in Chicago aren't name "Wait till next year".

January 30, 2011  04:19 PM ET

is big-ben the ''daddy'' ?

Baumgartner is a 6th grade teacher and probably doesn't know about DNA testing.

February 8, 2011  02:16 PM ET

Has she given birth yet? Was there a bet in Las Vegas for this, and appropriate name for the child should be "Fumble".

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February 9, 2011  02:20 PM ET

February 9, 2011  02:43 PM ET
QUOTE(#19): the baby = Aaron ! ; )

His nickname amongst the other family members will be simply "The Green Bay Baby". Later in life he will come to realize that every time relatives seem him at family functions those tears in their eyes aren't tears of joy.


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