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February 2, 2011, 06:22 PM
Yes, you read that right.

The Philadelphia Eagles promoted their offensive line coach to run their defense.

Has this ever been done before? It sounds ridiculous.

And this after the most passive defensive coordinator coach I've ever witnessed. It was like the organization just didn't give a damn.

Jim Mora Jr? Eh, we don't care.
Dick Jauron? Let him walk.
Dennis Allen? Not interested.

All the while rumors flew that they actually had some sort of intelligent plan. The media kept claiming... they're probably looking to hire one of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers defensive assistants.

They dragged **** (butt) for weeks. And this is what they do?

Opinions, please.
February 2, 2011  06:37 PM ET

Most passive defensive coordinator search*

Sorry, I didn't edit this.

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February 2, 2011  06:58 PM ET

what the hell, it sounds like a joke to do that.

They would have been better off keeping Sean McDermott on their staff. And he sucked.

February 2, 2011  07:03 PM ET

Stupid is as stupid does....

February 2, 2011  07:21 PM ET

does the o-line coach also have a background in defense ?

I never gave his name... so Juan Castillo...

Back in 1982-1985 at the college level, for Texas A&M he held jobs as a linebackers coach, defensive line coach and defensive coordinator.

But his entire NFL career has been as an offensive positions coach.

So I would say no.

But here is their rationale, taken from the NFL's website...

Several NFL coaches, including Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo praised Eagles coach Andy Reid for promoting Castillo.

"I have a strong affinity for Juan going back to our days spent together in Philadelphia," Frazier said, according to the Eagles' website. "I can remember Jim Johnson and our defensive staff putting our game plans together and we'd always get together with Juan just to make sure they were sound in terms of pressures and blitzes. Sometimes, I felt like he was on our defensive staff."

February 2, 2011  07:32 PM ET

well, it makes a bit more sense now, maybe Philly`s not counting on there being a season next year, and not wanting to shell out any more cash than they have to on a coach.And I like your new avatar, it makes me laugh :-)

Seems like a desperate move to replicate Jim Johnson's 4-3 zone blitz scheme.

But thank you.

February 2, 2011  08:12 PM ET

I can understand your frustration. But Mike Nolan was a receiver's coach for a few seasons in Baltimore. The same Mike Nolan who coached the 49ers.

It is not really unusual for a coach to do that. He has to study tendencies and adjustments. Not every coach is good for that kind of thing. But I see some positives in it as well as negatives. Guys like Tom Landry and Bill Belichich have tremendous experience in the defensive aspect of football but they were also interesting in their offensive approach as well.

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February 2, 2011  09:48 PM ET

Ok Un.I'll try,With an example,That "Promotion" from Offensive Coach too defensive makes Everything A-OK,The Owner promised "Changes"?,so they got one!!,Another example Cincy Bengals HC after * Years and a 4-12 season gets a 2 Year extension,The Fans wanted changes too and they got 1,by keeping marvin Lewis an extention for another 2 years[ifn there's a lockout?]Marvin get's 1 more chance too Keep the Bengals in the sewer,Isn't that a change?seeing everyone one else in Southern ohio wanted a "Change",They got one,Another Example is Our #1 QB Carson Palmer want's too leave the bengals while He can still play and just might get on a Team with a chance of "winning",But another Change up from the owner Mike Brown,He won't cut Carson loose because of His contract,it get's down too "MONEY"Marvins cheaper than going out trying too fina a HC that CAN WIN,And Mike's not letting Carson go because of money reasons,so We're stuck with Both of these losers,thanks too Mike Brown,seeya in the playoffs in 2035..

That's the guy I wanted as the Eagle's defensive coordinator: Marvin Lewis

Great coordinator, horrible head coach.

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February 3, 2011  07:59 PM ET

Very odd choice, read some of the details from A&M so maybe a bit more sense...we'll see.


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