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February 3, 2011, 11:10 PM
id like to start a throwdown on fighting in hockey, but im new to this fannation, so i'll just put a comment for now, maybe get some opinions...
im embarassed as a canadian and a hockey fan to see stuff like what happened tonight (feb 3/11) in the game between dallas and boston, 3 fights in the first 4 seconds of a game.
i just dont get it; its a disgrace to the integrity of the game.
is there fighting in playoffs? not that i can recall. playoff games are among the most exciting games all season.
the olympics were amazing when the top teams with their top players were able to play the game.
do other sports tolerate fighting? when a fight breaks out in other sports its more than likely real and not a staged event.
i know you are either fer fighting in hockey or agin it, no one is likely to change their mind, but when i want to see slapstick hockey i'll put on 'slapshot'...
February 4, 2011  01:06 AM ET

i agree it's gotten ridiculous at times, but i believe that fighting is important. It is a way for the players to police themselves. It keeps the cheap shots down knowing you'll have to stand up for it. I truly worry what will happen if fighting gets taken out of the game. I worry we'll see more cheap shots and more stick swinging and the like...but that's just me...

February 4, 2011  07:02 AM ET

I've always found it amazing that fighting is allowed in hockey. In any other team sport you'd be ejected from the game, if not suspended for several games and fined.

February 5, 2011  08:40 PM ET

The fights draw in new fans. That's how I got hooked on the game and then I saw the beauty of it. That game was a little over kill though.

February 11, 2011  09:11 PM ET

hockey fights are never that good, too much equipment on, they usually only get a couple swings in before someone falls. i guess fighting makes hockey kind of unique, but it just slows down the game. I don't see why fighting would attract new fans, just watch boxing or UFC.

the best hockey games never have any fights

February 13, 2011  07:03 PM ET

go habs. 'the best hockey games never have any fights'.

alaska6: 'I truly worry what will happen if fighting gets taken out of the game. I worry we'll see more cheap shots and more stick swinging and the like'..

it sickens me to keep seeing these staged fights in the game that i love. im tired of it, and i turn the "highlights" OFF when they come on..

i will invest my time to watch professionals play this game, hockey, professionals that have spent 10,000 + hours to perfect, not to watch idiots beating each other.

there is no reason for this embarrassment anymore.


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