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February 14, 2011, 08:33 PM
With the way the Bulls are playing and the way Thibbs is coaching I wonder if I'm right on the way I'm seeing this. The Bulls like all teams need quality backups, so Thibs and co don't want to trade away their advantages when they have them. Meaning sure we need a starting 2 guard. But to trade Omar or Taj right now just doesn't make sense. There are going to be teams that are stronger (In the Playoffs.) with their backups than most teams and to make sure we win this matchup we have to keep BOTH of these players. They both have a huge potential and in 3 or four seasons we might be forced to trade them. But at least then we might be able to get #1 picks or more for them. Which would put us in a very pretty position. So right now I say if we can't trade our #1 pick for a shooting guard we try to find one in the draft and not sell away our future. GO BULLS!!!
February 14, 2011  08:42 PM ET

Something else our current back up center is old and only has a one year contract. If Omar can show he has potential the rest of this season and in the Playoffs he could solidifiy his job and our Center position for the next 3/4 years. With Taj it's about the same thing. So I just don't think we should give away any advantage before we really know how good these guys could be. Besides Boozer is a health risk so the security of having Taj could be paramout to our future. Then when you add in how much Noah has been injured in the last two years and I'm really worried. So unless we have or get someone that can replace them in the trade I say again only trade our #1 draft pick or even add in a #2 but to trade Taj or Omar is a no way Jay deal to me. Sure other teams will want them but untill they really sweeten the pot KEEP THEM!!!

February 16, 2011  11:51 AM ET

Just out of curiosity why is this section hidden compared to the Bears blogs? I have to click on the Bulls site intentionally to even find this. Can't something be changed so that talking about the Bulls is more popular and easier?


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