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February 15, 2011, 12:09 AM
I have never been a big fan of judging teams by their rankings. But at the same time, I have never understood what makes the voters decide on their number 1.

Here, you have an Ohio State team that is clearly the best team in the country, lose to Wisky at home, where everybody loses. And not only do they fall from number 1 despite having the same record as Kansas, though they lost their game (before tonight) at home pretty badly. But they also fall behind a 3 loss team in Texas.

To me, that is insulting. But not just to OSU fans, but Texas fans as well. If you are saying Texas is a better team than OSU by placing them ahead of them, Then are you saying Kansas, the team Texas dominated at home, is better than Texas? I don't know!

As far as number 1 is concerned, OSU should have remained there until they showed they weren't the best team in the country.

So is Texas going to be number 1 next week?

And one more rant. UNC started the season ranked number 8. They lost 4 out of 7 games and fell out of the TOP 50! 2 years removed from a NC. Yet the absolute collapse of MSU didn't warrant then being removed from the top 5 until they lost their 8th game. And Syracuse has lost 6 out of 8 including 4 home losses and they still remain in the top 20.

In the end, regular season rankings play little into the post season, I just thought I'd share my thought with ya.
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February 15, 2011  10:06 AM ET

On another note, the Swimsuit Issue is finally out. At least one of the rookies is kinda cute wearing body paint.

Very nice...but god she looks so young!

February 15, 2011  10:07 AM ET

I hate saying this, but ND is looking good!

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January 22, 2013  12:02 AM ET

Why is noone mentioning Syracuse? We are ranked #3 and we are always a tough team! Going to the Final Four for sure!

January 31, 2013  11:44 PM ET

Is this an Ohio State run Message Board

January 31, 2013  11:52 PM ET

Ohio State is a good basketball team a top 15 team, unless you are talking about OSU football team. If it's football you are talking about, OSU is on probation and unfortunately for OSU, it does NOT matter how good or bad OSU is


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