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February 20, 2011, 01:30 PM
Looking at the needs of the Bears, OL, CB, WR, DE, and DT with a backup linebacker in there too. If you look at the history of the sucessful men at the above positions only one area sticks out to me that demands a 1st round pick. Almost all of them can and are found in the 2nd and later rounds or freeagency EXCEPT ONE DT!!! Of all the most sucessfull DT's almost all of them were taken in the first round. I see it as the position that the measurables measure the best. Sure they still have a 50% hit miss ratio but if you want a sucessfull DT more often or not he is picked in the first round. Remember when we took Harris and Hampton in the first round? All the other positions good or great players have been found in the later rounds much more often. But for a true stand out kick butt DT if he isn't taken in the first round the chances of finding one are close to slim to none. This is why I say with us needing someone to collapse pockets that QB's hide in we need to spend our first pick on the best DT we can find. Coupled with Peppers and Izzy we could finally get to Rogers and co before they get the ball downfield. And for advice, (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!) I'd ask WARREN SAPP!!! Yea, that guy that said Tommy was washed up before anyone in Chicago would admit it. He did after all have a point didn't he? Lets give Warren $10,000 to rate his top 10 DT's and use his recomendations too! Now it's your turn, to say your piece or to crtitcize, Go BEARS!!!
February 20, 2011  01:53 PM ET

I guess the drill I will watch the most is the one where they put 800lbs on the mans back and time him in the 15yard dash!!! lol.

February 20, 2011  02:25 PM ET

The Bears need new ownership which recognizes the importance of a strong football operations department. Unfortunately the Bears will continue to struggle under the current regime.

February 20, 2011  05:25 PM ET

The Bears need new ownership which recognizes the importance of a strong football operations department. Unfortunately the Bears will continue to struggle under the current regime.

Although that's true, we, meaning the fans can't do anything about it.

Get an O-linemen first round. Hopefully, Carimi from Wisconsin or Tyron Smith from USC

Jon Baldwin in the second round.

The Bears NEED a number 1 wide out quickly. It's been said millions..ugh, billions of times but it's time for the Bears to do something about. Let alone a number one WR, a big bodied WR. Fast WR's obviously don't get the job done like they were supposed to.

Start talking to to the Cardinals about Larry Fitz, Bears. What could it hurt?

Or do we have to wait another decade for a free agent splash because they signed Cutler and J-pep is consecutive years?

Angelo, when you screw up another draft please just quit.

Love, all Bear fans.

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February 20, 2011  09:45 PM ET

A new owner, GM and head coach.

How can you say a new head coach?

February 20, 2011  09:47 PM ET

You're a dreamer.Carimi and Smith aren't falling to the Bears (would the Bears be willing to trade up to get one of them...? I think it's unlikely), and IF Fitzgerald were to go anywhere in the NFCN it would be home to Minny.Getting Cutler was supposed to make the receivers better...I'm glad they'll have to use a pick or shell out a ton of cash to upgrade the position. The Bears have a lot of holes and can't fix all of them. I'd start on the offensive line, and then work on getting some youth on defense. The receivers aren't the problem... it's the QB, and the guys protecting him.

Drafting either one is not to far of a stretch actually. You know player's stocks raise and low even on draft day so teams pass up one them. I wouldn't count out the Bears for drafting either one.

I never, ever said the Bears WILL get Fitz, I am just saying what could it hurt? Nothing.

I think you are just talking as a Packer fan.

February 20, 2011  10:42 PM ET

A new owner, GM and head coach.


February 20, 2011  10:43 PM ET

How can you say a new head coach?

In English & Spanish!

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February 21, 2011  10:10 AM ET

Why do the same people say the same things (new coach/owner) when it's been explained to them? Why it cannot be done and it's out of our hands? Hmm? Sounds like someone is trying to intentionally trying to anger people and are just playing games. You know who I'm talking about and you think you're funney or superior to Bears fans or are just plain haters and trolls. Grow up!! Remember life has a funny way of paying back people like you. One of the biggest haters I know has just been diagnosed with Alzheimers. The way she acted so superior to people and tried to ruin people just for her fun. Like I said life has a funny way of repaying people like you. Enjoy your reward, when it comes.

February 21, 2011  10:17 AM ET

Alot of who we draft depends on who we get IF ANYONE in free agency. We added a 6'4" wide reciever that 3 other teams the Vikings, Patriots and Steelers wanted. He might turn out to be a suprise but I don't think we can count just on him for the reciever position. We need to sign two starters in free agency so that we can draft an impact DT!!! In the first round!!! Then the OLinemen we draft can be Tice's projects that he builds into starters in the next year and 1 1/2. Go BEARS!!!

February 21, 2011  10:20 AM ET

The starters that we sign should be Olinemen!!!, unless we can swindle our way to get a Larry Fitzgerald etc. GO BEARS!!!

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February 21, 2011  12:46 PM ET

what i dont get,is besides all this talk about everyone wanting Fitzgerald on the Bears(which wont happen btw),why not make a 1 or 2 year offer to someone like Plaxico Burress and see if he'll take it?with regards to the draft,we NEED a guard so we can put Omiyale on the bench(or the unemployment line,because he SUCKS)and another tackle on Cutler's blind side wouldnt hurt either

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February 21, 2011  02:42 PM ET

Stop and think about it for a second. We have on our OL NO ONE who is guaranteed a starting postiton next year. NO ONE!!! I really really hope that something can be done in free agency so that we can solidify this area ASAP. Without help here we have NO chance of protecting Jay any better than we did this year or last year. And when you look at Jay suffering through 90+ sacks in TWO years that's dispicable and shows that the Bears haven't had anyone who is capable of protecting him that's a proven keeper. Anyone who wants to criticize Jays toughness should be put in the Bears QB position and let them play without an OL for the last two years!!! See how tough they are then! See how long they last or how many games they would play. Or would they do the smart thing and just decide not to play!!! I want two OL free agents and two draft choices to go to the OL this off season. In the least. If we don't protect Jay we don't deserve a franchise QB! So PLEASE Chicago BEARS MGMT get Jay some protection however you have to!!! At the same time though I stand by what I said that our first choice should be for a DT. If we don't collapse opponent OL's we won't be able to beat teams like GB. EVER!!! Go BEARS!!!

February 21, 2011  02:53 PM ET

Is that all? Whew!! Thank god we don't need a new quarterback.

Actually you do!


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