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February 25, 2011, 12:32 PM
Howdy everyone, I???m going to try and start a new series here, and maybe give you a different slant on the upcoming shows. Please leave me some feedback, and let me know if I made it worth your while.

I simply don???t care about this card! I mean if this was on free TV, It would be like Strikeforce challengers- I???d watch it in the morning getting ready for work and late at night when I???m cooling down going to bed. I???ll be honest with you, Blockbuster went out of business in my area, and I picked up some DVDs- and there is FAR more chance I???ll be watching UFC 92 this week more than 127 (two-Fifty baby!) I???m expecting under 300K buys for this show, and I feel for the Aussies getting this- the Condit injury really hurt this card as well.
That being said, lets run down the card, with a twist- should you care about this card? Keep in mind, I care about all MMA, but I???m saying is there VALUE here or just catch it in the pawn shop in 6 months? Is the matchup worth your time RIGHT NOW?
Lightweight Bout:
Maciej Jewtuszko vs. Curt Warburton
This fight should be on the facebook part- Jewtuszko gave us an AWESOME KO on WEC 50, and is 8-0, Warburton took Spencer Fisher to the scorecards 29-28 across the board.
This is a coin flip fight to me, but I???ll take Jewtuszko.
Care? This fight could be one of those ones where looking on the back of the DVD, you get for one of these guys (like getting UFC 87 for Jones and Brock more than GSP vs ??? Hey! Jon Fitch!)
Heavyweight Bout:
Chris Tuchscherer vs. Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt is a name, Chris is a top level wrestler. This fight is going to be determined by how long Hunt wants to be in front of his fans getting controlled by Tuchscherer. Unless Chris wants to show some standup- and Hunt can knock him out- this is going to be fairly dull with Chris trying to finish from the top, and Hunt trying to get up by tying him up and hoping the crowd gets on the ref.
Care? No.

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February 25, 2011  09:06 PM ET

While I think fights can be exciting, I don't like the card.
What you call "name" fighters, i call quality (for something they got their names to be known), and I don't like the main event.

One is the boringest fighter alive (ok, behind GSP & Shields) and the other is a suspect one. he can end fights quick, or he can be as lack luster as humanly possible.

February 26, 2011  02:28 PM ET

I actually love this card...... Well I am kind of biased because of my reason for it.

I actually get to watch it for free over here in Iraq!!!!! Woo hooo.....

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February 26, 2011  04:18 PM ET

Agreed Scott. I'm also deployed to Afghanistan though. I'm excited to just be able to watch it.

February 26, 2011  05:00 PM ET

And I salute you guys!
If anything, I am happy that you guys get to watch it! :)

February 26, 2011  05:59 PM ET

Do I care? Eh, not so much. Will I be watching? Hell yes!

My thoughts exactly.

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February 27, 2011  02:22 AM ET

What did I say about Eborsole?

Lytle was as surprised as we were :)

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February 27, 2011  12:32 PM ET

I think lytle regrets taking that fight.

or at least not taking the guy seriously enough...


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