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February 26, 2011, 06:06 PM
I know all the arguments against Bogans starting but could the real reason a trade wasn't done be deeper than the obvious? Sure at first look it looks like the Bulls DESPARATELY need a SG to win a ring this year but is that really what GarPax want? All of the available trade scenario's that were possible every one wanted either Taj Gibson or Omer Ashik. (Cutting our heart out of our bench.) Both of them are backup players now but in the near future what could they be? If both of them through hard work would develop better shooting abilities could they not be better options for the future? Could Ashik replace Noah and Taj replace Boozer in just a year or two? I think there is a strong possiblilty that this is what GarPax are thinking and are after. Then with scoring from BOTH of them the Bulls would be able to trade Noah (I know I just said a sacriligious thing.) and Boozer to secure the Bulls future for a DYNASTY!!! (Who knows what we could get for them?) This team has done it before so this is what I think is going on now. They are looking at the Big long term picture and not just a season. Getting a SG now or our future DYNASTY which would you want most? Plus both TaJ and Omer are/will be defensive players at least as good as Noah and Carlos in two years too! Make sense to anyone? So developing Omer and Taj is what GarPax chose. I think it's a very smart strategy. Anyone else? GO BULLS!!!
February 26, 2011  09:28 PM ET

Yeah, that's exactly what they are thinking. There will NOT be a dynasty sans Joakim Noah. Stop playing franchise mode in 2K11.

February 28, 2011  12:02 AM ET

Sorry, but I don't own any video basket ball games at all so you are incorrect on that score. lol But what I'm saying is that if the Bulls can develop consistant/dependable scoring from Gibson and Asik in the next two years, both Noah and Boozer become possible trade bait. There again, Noah could develop into a scorer and Asik would be on the block. Any way you slice it the Bulls have two years to develop these 3 men and make the best decision. It's just that I think GarPax are looking towards the big picture instead of the one year picture. With two extra 1st round picks plus their own they are setting pretty in aquiring what they need to accomplish their mission. Plus they are setting pretty in the money side of it no matter how the new barganing agreement goes. (Which on it's own could dismantle some of the competition.) I also think that they themselves are pleasently suprised at just how good this Bulls team has been this year too. (Due in no small part to Thib's coaching.) All of the prior reasons are why I say they are looking at the big picture and are trying to make a team that will be good for many years instead of just one. With the Bulls looking at Michaell/Scotties teams as examples they will strive to do better. Accomplishing this they would be a DYNASTY!!! Go Bulls!!!

March 1, 2011  10:39 AM ET

The Bulls have a good need to mess with the chemistry...

Getting Noah back and in time for the playoffs is huge...

As a Heat fan, they are a scary team to face and more than likely we will be meeting in Round 2...

That is unless one of us draw New York, which is now a handful with Billups and Carmelo.

March 1, 2011  05:53 PM ET

Really I am not that scared of anyone in the first two rounds that much. What I think might happen is if the Bulls do have the #2 or #3 seed that they will be worn down too much to beat the #1 team whomever it is. Right now looking at their records and schedules it looks like Boston #1, the Bulls #2, and the Heat #3. (The Heat have a killer schedule ahead!!!) I just don't see the #4 team tiring out their opponent like the #2 and #3 teams will do to each other. Go Bulls!!!

March 3, 2011  01:35 PM ET

Did anyone else read the story that says the Bulls have to be the front runner to get Dwight Howard in 15 months or less? The Bulls would trade 3 yes three first round picks and either Boozer or Noah to the Majic for Howard!!! Can anyone say DYNASTY now???? Go BULLS!!!

March 3, 2011  07:02 PM ET

Is that your own speculation or did you actually read that somewhere?

March 3, 2011  09:39 PM ET

It's either in the Tribune or Sun. If you can't find it I'll look it up for you. Just let me know. I would hate to lose either Boozer or Noah but to gain Howard is HUGE and worth it. Plus Noah came from Florida so he might not be against the idea. Go Bulls!!!

March 4, 2011  08:47 AM ET

Ok, I looked up the Dwight Howard trade article, "Chicago Bulls Quietly Frontrunners for Dwight Howard." It's at the Chicago Now site. In the Daily sports Tab. Interesting comments too. I googled "Dwight Howard trade to the Chicago Bulls." articles to find it. There's a fantastic write up on D Rose here at SI, "D. Rose 2nd coming in 2nd city." by Lee Jenkins. The Bulls just added a 2 guard, Rasual Butler from the Clippers 11ppg. Optimism is evenly divided on his impact. We can only hope, but can he be worse than Boggans? Sorry about the mistake of where the Dwight Howard article was, Go Bulls!!!

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March 6, 2011  05:21 PM ET

Do you want to reass your opinion after this win in Miami today Birdman? At least Thibs is being considered one of the best vs what we think of Lovie!!! lol Lovie really isn't that bad IF and I say IF he listens to his four amigo coaches. Before they arrived he was dreadful!!! I don't think most of us/NBA fans expected the Bulls to win this one in Miami with the current circumstances surrounding it. Winning it though is sooooo sweet. Thibs is so good that he does what he does with his own talents/brains. This being his first year I'll take #3 so far and say the season ain't over yet!!! Kudo's to the whole team!!! Go BULLS!!!

March 6, 2011  05:22 PM ET

Correction reasess sorry!!!


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