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March 5, 2011, 01:00 PM
Just dumb luck that they played themselves right out of the chance to take AJ Green. Now with Julio Jones blowing up the Combine, he may be out of reach as well. If he is gone by that point, Spags MUST take an insanely hard look at bringing in Plex! Also, Sims-Walker would not be a bad idea to bring in for a workout as well. Then draft the highest ranking DE/DT on the board. I would also like to see if Spags could bring in Tommie Harris and light a fire under him to get him playing the way he was a couple years ago. Im sure he would be fairly cheap.
March 5, 2011  01:02 PM ET

On a side note, I know its blasphemy to even mention this as a Rams fan but I think its time to trade Jackson while he still has high value. Plus he is not a fit for the quasi-spread offense that McDaniels will run. Which I might add im hella excited to see(just glad he is OC and not HC!!). Here is a 3way trade that could work out for everyone. Rams give Jackson and a 3rd to the Bengals for their 1st. Bengals give the Titans Palmer and their 3rd for Titans 1st pick.

Rams - Get an extra 1st (to draft AJ Green or Juilo Jones)/ lose Jackson and 3rd (then pick up Deangelo Williams from FA)
Bengals - Get Jackson and swap 1st with Titans/lose Palmer and 3rd
Titans - Get Palmer and 3rd/lose 1st

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March 5, 2011  03:41 PM ET

They will (if they have not already) release Bush so no need to trade for him. I do like the Coltston idea but if you wanna take one of the Saints many WRs, I think Robert Meachem would be the interesting choice. Say Jackson and Rams 4th for Saints 2nd and Meachem?

I think Meachem and a healthy Mark Clayton would be an outstanding combo. Throw in Amendola, and if Avery and Robinson improves...WOW... h311 you could even throw in Reggie Bush and draft a thumper later. Makes me dream of GSOT 2.0 haha

March 6, 2011  10:33 AM ET

Nothing until the CBA gets signed XD

March 6, 2011  10:38 AM ET

I agree with you though, if Julio Jones if off the board, and there's good reason to fear he may be, St Louis should take the best available D-lineman.

March 6, 2011  02:48 PM ET

Stay the course build from within. Signing the big name (i.e. Plax or Harris) rarely works. They have a good thing going in a weak division just keeping drafting well.

March 6, 2011  10:28 PM ET

Stay the course build from within. Signing the big name (i.e. Plax or Harris) rarely works. They have a good thing going in a weak division just keeping drafting well.

I'm a fan of the one big name free agent signing per year approach.

That's assuming you're not taking the most expensive player in the market every off-season.

March 7, 2011  07:11 AM ET

Oh, and the Rams need to draft a safety considering they just lost their best defensive player (OJ Atogwe) to free agency.


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