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March 17, 2011, 03:16 PM
But first, let me clear up 2 things.
I went 6-5-1 ??? Better than Robert did, just wanted to get that out there.
The DYC series is not about not wanting to see MMA, I cover guys all the time that are 0-0 and will never see thier second fight. So its not a talent or ???level??? thing.
Its a time/Money thing.
The time is easy, I got 2 jobs, 4 kids and a wife that for some reason wants to spend time with me. I can???t figure it out either. The Money is another part- I???m not working 2 jobs because I get out of doing dishes.
If Zuffa wants me to take 3 hours out of my life, and some money out of (my wife???s) pocket, then they have to put something up that I really want to see, otherwise I???m waiting to see it online in less quality ??? or the next day. I???m going to watch all the fights- I???m just that type of fan, but there is a HUGE difference between queing it up ASAP- and waiting until my off day to get around to it.
So we all know Jones/Rua is the reason for the season, but is this a one-fight card? Lets find out

Read the breakdown at
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March 17, 2011  03:47 PM ET

Nice breakdown. I actually agree with your analysis but I see Barboza beating Anthony. The rest is spot on. Last card we had our disagreements. Now, I hope Shogun can pull off a sub, I got $ on 25-1 odds that he wins sub of the night.

Holy crap- we agree?

glad we got that in writing.

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March 18, 2011  02:10 AM ET

I'm stunned I havn't been TD challenged yet

March 18, 2011  08:42 AM ET

wait, if Jim agree,, let me go read so I can challenge you! :)

March 18, 2011  06:12 PM ET

Copying what I put on the site:

Like the picks and the breakdowns.
I know I differ from you guys a lot, but I never question your MMA knowledge and passion!

I hate to see Cro Cop being fed to the hybrid, and I pray for one more head-kick and for him to retire after the fight! (note, i do like Schaub, but Cro Cop is a legend).

I like Almeida, but I am unsure he will win this one??? Like you, I wouldn???t bet either way.

And Koch? I don???t think he can submit Assuncao. (he might win, but if he does, I think TKO).

March 18, 2011  07:05 PM ET

B. Brian Blair.

March 18, 2011  07:08 PM ET

B. Brian Blair.

Jumpin Jimmy Brunzell.


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