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April 8, 2011, 08:17 PM
Miss you already jimmy! You have to admire his loyalty!
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April 8, 2011  10:27 PM ET

Do I admire Jim's Loyalty?,Oh yeah,I admire Our entire Group's loyalty.

I second that Eazy.

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April 8, 2011  10:37 PM ET

Brother,without a moments hesitation.

I also echo that sentiment, respect is earned not given and it amazes me those who say friendships are not found on these message boards, I beg to differ.

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April 8, 2011  11:29 PM ET

Brother,You know that's BS,everyone want's too be accepted somewhere,just some people don't have a clue about Human nature I guess,I'll wager ifn all the dupes were dumped? ALOT of these people would learn how too very quickly.Most certainly personal attacks would cease,not all but they'de get tosed,so,I'm for going after that Peeps that use these fake accounts just too cause real People grief.

Oh I know all to well Eazy, some people come to these forums to "play" for a lack of better terms, they Troll and look to stir the pot and see how far they can push someone and in how many ways can they push their buttons. They hide behind their made up personalities for their fear rejection if they show who they really are, most likely these types have already be shunned in their lives so they come to these forums and try to make those of us who are genuine miserable as they are. When they come across a group such as we have they don't understand and try even harder to destroy that which they cannot fathom.

April 9, 2011  01:08 AM ET

Holy crap, did they pull the plug on Tnerb?

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April 9, 2011  05:06 AM ET

Ma'am,I'm all for that!!,Hopefuly Our Brethern will rise from the Tos at least by tomorrow,'All Hail Jim'!!!! Hail Jim,May Our Brother be reserected and be once again be amongst Us. Hail Jim,May He findith His path back too Us.and take His rightful place once more. Hail Jim,May He also find sustenense and faith once more,and standeth with Us again. Hail Jim,May He findeth,His way safe from trolls and other netherland beasts he may encounter Hail Jim,may He see His path,Bright and narrow and rejoin His position with his Friends Hail Jim,may He layeth off the sauce,that blinds believers of a better way[and brand] Hail Jim,May He not stumble,nor stagger nor spill His way back too His drinking table Hail Jim,May He not upchuck,puke nor pee Himself when passing out. Hail Jim,Patron of spirits,fumes and vapours He encounters,not deter Him from hitting the floor Hail Jim,Friend,Brother,and drinking partner,may His cup be ever full and chaser on the side.

Hahaha.....good one EZ!

April 9, 2011  05:23 AM ET

ONE big difference about virtual and real life friendships. It is possible, very possible, to make friends in virtual reality, but it takes longer to do. The fact is, you don't have the benefit of emotions, body language, and a general feel of someone like you would up close........All you have in V.R. is the time factor, and deducing someone on what they say and how they say it over a certain length of time.
Some people can be easily figured out just by the personality they convey, while others are more cautious with how they present themselves in a place such as this.

With that being said, people's feelings can also be hurt by something "said", even though it might have been intended for someone else, or used in a way to counter something this other person said, even if it's said in a good natured way. It's real easy to do this kind of thing, because some words in our language have double meanings, and can very well be misconstrued simply because of that. It's bad enough in real life, but in virtual, it's twice as difficult. Even folks who've know each other for a length of time are not immune from occasionally coming across differently than they normally would.

I don't know if this will make sense to anyone, but that's how I look at things, and I generally try to refrain from saying someone is a troll until they continually exhibit this behavior over an extended time period, and sometimes that don't take very long to figure out. Mr Phallus did his troll thing, but at one point, he seemed to slow down on ragging people. I thought there might be some hope for him, but alas, he regressed back down to the 4 legged troll he was.

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