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April 17, 2011, 04:16 PM
Hi, fellows! My name is Abby and I am a friend of Walt Brown who posts here and said most of the people here are really nice, and also that the message board needed some support. He also said baseball guys love statistics, so even if the statistics are about brands (as long as some of them are baseball brands) they should be interested.

All results are from the exclusive and unique Milestones Survey, conducted in Dec. '08, Dec. '09, and Dec. '10. In the U.S. study, there are now 635 brands for which we have information across all three years, as well as dozens of others on which we have a wave or two of data.

The study interviews a representative sample of 18 to 54 year old U.S. adults who have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and have a household income of $35,000+ (unless they are 18-29, in which case it need be only $20,000+). The average household income of the people in the final sample is about $90,000.

This post is about the brands that improved the perception of their overall 'Goodness' the most during the 2008 to 2010 period.
April 17, 2011  05:15 PM ET

Sorry Uncle Walt and all you nice readers. I meant to post this under my own ID, not Uncle Walt's. Please go to Best Brands in the U.S. and I'll make sure that's where I make ALL my posts in the future...

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April 17, 2011  05:28 PM ET

Chick-Fil-A in the top 5, yo!

April 17, 2011  09:34 PM ET

What is this crap?


I appreciate all comments, so thank you. I am going to try and make sure each post I make has some baseball content so that it is appropriate for this site. Note that the Phillies are the 10th most improved brand in terms of consumer/fan love since Dec. '08 -- and they won the World Series in 2008!

April 18, 2011  02:32 AM ET

Dear Catwoman,

I'm guessing the eliminated post above is also yours, but it may not be. Please let me know how I'm annoying you and I'll see what I can do... We girls need to stick together!


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April 27, 2011  12:04 PM ET

I am sorry to see that my Uncle's message board was banned. It was extremely popular and, while edgy in certain ways, was good-hearted, inclusive, life-affirming, and friendly. Perhaps people were confused in the most recent episodes that 'Toastie'. the drunken Tolstoy impersonator, was Tolstoy himself?

Since Uncle Walt's posts were in many ways the bright spot of this board and 'carrying' it, it seems not only unfair but not very bright and self-defeating on the part of the editors to 'ban' it.

For myself, I will not ever post here again unless Uncle Walt's board is 'un-banned'.


P.S. In the past week or so, my brand posts received about 1,000 views on this board and Uncle Walt's received more than 1,000. It's always amazed me how self-defeating the editorial practices of message boards are -- a few people are offended by (or, really, jealous of) an edgy, extremely 'hot' thread... and there goes the poster... and the board. Meanwhile, the posts blatantly selling athletic apparel remain. Well, this will now return to being a gloomy, nowheres-ville board now with little traffic and interaction. I hope you know what you're doing. ..

Read more: age-board-banned#ixzz1Kjv846J8

April 27, 2011  02:17 PM ET

come to delphi forums where the censors aren't as trigger happy

Walt, Edna may have to go through age-change operation? (all 400,000 words of Skunkville are here... some day, when Skunkville is the #1 media phenomena in the world, SI will say, 'Maybe we should have let good ol' Walt stay on our MLB Message Board')

info on all 27 EOBHR replays as well as complete unexpurgated coverage of the silly experimentations that proceeded Skunkville, featuring Frank Skunkley and other stupid characters intermingled with bsaeball game replay summaries

my articles continue to become more interesting and will revolutionize the world of brands just like Uncle Walt is re-defining fiction and entertainment

C'mon over to Delphi and make some comments on the Skunkville, EOBHR, or Best Brands in America blogs -- we'll be waiting for ya, good friends!!


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